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Exclusive Project

How to create beautiful foam paper roses with Carla Bagshaw

Introduction to the project: With a little patience you can create stunning and realistic blooms that can be used as a bouquet for a gift, or as a floral display in your home. It’s super fun to do and has an incredibly satisfying result.

You will need:

  • Flower template (Download template below)
  • A4 white sheets of thin Foam Paper
  • Craft wire
  • Silver foil (for bud)
  • Pastels
  • Green florist tape
  • Scissors
  • Wire snippers
  • Heat gun
  • Glue gun
  • Sponge

Time to Make:Approximately 1-2hrs per rose.

Skill Level: Intermediate


  1. Print out the template provided and cut out the flower and leaf shapes (this is better done on cardboard so that they can be reused). Using the shapes lay them on foam paper and draw around them; you should have 4 large flower shapes, 3 small flower shapes and one of each leaf shape. Once you have the design laid down on the foam use scissors to cut out the foam shapes. Download the template here
  2. Set aside the foam leaf shapes for now. Choose a colour from your pastels and dampen a sponge. Run the damp sponge along the pastel and then gently stroke the flowers with the sponge so that the colour transfers to the foam (do this on both sides and on the edges). You can really play and have some fun here, go darker at the edges to create shading or a distressed effect or keep the petals very pale. It is all down to personal preference.
  3. Once you have all the petals the colour you want them you need to create a bud for the centre of your rose. To do this take a small piece of silver foil and scrunch it into a teardrop shape. Once you have achieved the shape take a small pair of scissors and carefully push them into the bottom of the foil to create a hole.
  4. Take a length of craft wire (approximately 50cm) and bend it in half. Then begin to twist the wire to create a more stable stem. Then use a glue gun to carefully put a drop of glue into the hole formed in the foil. While still hot place the wire inside the hole and let it dry so that the wire is held firmly in place. As it dries cut a square piece of foam that is big enough to cover the bud ready for the next step.
  5. Place generous amount of hot glue all over the bud (be careful, hot glue is not your finger’s friend). Place the square of foam around the bud so that it is all covered. This will leave excess foam that you will need to trim down once the glue is dry, just attempt to make sure the whole bud is covered. Once trimmed you can use your sponge and pastels to add colour to the bud.
  6. Foam paper is wonderfully malleable once heated and allows you to manipulate the shape of your petals. Starting with the smaller flower shapes, use your heat gun to apply heat to each petal on the shape. After about 5 seconds the heat will cause the petal to curl upwards. Repeat on each petal. NB: the colour of your pastels may darken slightly with the heat application. While still warm VERY gently stretch the petals so the foam thins, this is a tricky process, if you stretch too much the foam can rip, which you don’t want. Take your time over this step.
  7. Using something sharp (I used the point of my craft scissors) make a very small hole in the centre of your flower shape and then feed your wire stem through the hole and about halfway up. Place some hot glue around the bottom of your bud and then push your flower shape up so that it cradles the bud.
  8. This is where it gets a little bit fiddly so be patient with yourself (it will be worth it). On the bud in front of one of the petals place a small amount of hot glue and stick one petal to the bud. Then on the outside edge of the (now stuck) petal add a small amount of glue so that the next petal can be stuck down slightly overlapping the first. Continue around until all petals are stuck.
  9. Repeat Step 8 with the next 2 small flower shapes until the inside of your rose is complete.
  10. This is the same as the previous steps but done with the bigger flower shapes. For these I keep the glue lower down so the larger petals are more ‘free’ at the top. You can also curl the edges of the larger petals if you choose to add more dimensions to them.
  11. Set aside your rose for now and take your leaf shape. I use the tips of my scissors to very gently score veins into the leaves, but this is personal choice and not necessary. Once done use your sponge and pastels and colour your leaves green on both sides, remember to colour the edges. At this point you can heat the leaves and manipulate them gently to change the shape or you can leave them untreated.
  12. Cut a strip of 50cm wire and again bend it in half and twist it. You will need to repeat this for each leaf. Once done place a blob of hot glue at the tip of one of your leaves and place the wire into the glue. Very carefully take the outside of the leaf edges where you have glued and push them together to form a curve.
  13. Wrap florist tape around the stems of all the leaves and the rose. Then position your leaves around your rose stem and wrap them all together. Once done you can manipulate the position of the leaves to suit your taste. And that’s it!

    You have just created something truly beautiful and definitely deserve a cup of tea!