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Embossing Machines

What are Embossing Machines?

Embossing machine inspiration

Embossing is when you create raised designs and patterns in a material – such as paper – with the use of embossing folders. A variety of machines have an embossing function, however generally they fall under the Die-Cutting Machine category as die-cutting and embossing often come hand-in-hand. Think of it this way – you'll get more for your money!

What Embossing Machines are available?

Available Embossing Machines

Please refer to our Die-Cutting Machines page for more information on available machines that have an embossing function. Alternatively, click here to view the machines we currently stock.

What do I need alongside my machine?

Your Embossing Machine is the main element in the embossing experience, however you may need special embossing plates, depending on the machine, plus a selection of embossing folders so that you have multiple design choices to play around with!

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