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How to Perforate Paper

How to Perforate Paper

Whether you’re customising your notebooks and scrapbook pages, or you’re struggling to tear out pages in your current book, it’s so easy to perforate paper yourself. Better yet, there are several different methods that you could use to achieve perforations – whatever your creative reason! Perforations can vary in shape and size, but here’s how to create standard dot perforations in paper.

Method 1

You Will Need:

Method 2

You Will Need:

Method 3

You Will Need:


METHOD 1: Hand Perforating

h3 Steps:

  1. Place your paper onto a cutting mat and lay a ruler over the line you’d like to perforate; this will be your guide.
  2. ake your sewing pins and stick them through the paper in 1/16 inch increments or less to make small marks along the whole length of the paper. If you stay as close to the ruler as possible, your perforation line will be straight and accurate.

METHOD 2: Sewing Machine Perforating

h3 Steps:

  1. First of all you need to completely unthread your sewing machine. Remove the spool and bobbin, and then set the stitches per inch to 10.
  2. Place a length of masking tape onto the paper as a guideline for your stitching. Move the feed dogs up and set the foot pressure to light, then stitch along the side of the masking tape guide.

METHOD 3: Perforating Using a Tool

h3 Steps:

  1. If you’re using a perforating tool, simply push the spikes into your paper, pull them back out, and you’ve got perfect perforations.
  2. If you’re using a tracing wheel with small teeth, you may want to use a ruler to ensure a straight line. Simply run the tracing wheel over the paper.
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