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Pottery Home Crafts

Welcome to our Pottery Academy, THE place for anyone interested in pottery - from beginners to accomplished potters. Our Academy videos feature Kevin Millward, technical advisor for The Great British Pottery Throw Down, demonstrating everything from making a simple vase to getting the perfect glaze!

Air Dry Clay Techniques and Projects:

Our Air Dry Starter Kit is the perfect way to try your hand at pottery - you don't even need a kiln!

How to Make a Jug:

Kevin Millward shows you how to make, glaze and fire a gorgeous Jug

How to Make a Clay Pot:

The perfect project to get you started - try your hand at making a small clay pot

How to Make a Bellied Jug:

This jug has a bit more belly - but is equally as stunning! Have a go with help from Kevin Millward

How to Make a Tall Bowl:

Follow our step-by-step guide to making this unusual Tall Bowl

How to Raku Glaze & Fire:

Check out the amazing results of Raku Glaze and Firing