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Designer Showcase

Tattered Lace 3D Decoupage Dies Garden Party Collection


Beautifully intricate dies, designed by Stephanie Weightman.

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Home to the most detailed and delicate dies available in the market place today, Tattered Lace ensures that every project you produce looks professional and beautiful, thanks to its stunning range of designs.

The new Garden Party Collection is not just about the flowers but about other things you may come across in the Garden! There are 5 3D Decoupage Die sets, packed full of flowers which will make you feel like walking through a grand country garden, enjoying the sweet scent.

Enjoy a new die-cutting experience where 3+ layers of decoupage can be cut in one pass through your machine using Swift dies!

You'll receive Forget Me Nots and Victorian Rose, Bell Flower and Geranium, Anemone and Fuchsia, Blossom and Magnolia as well as Freesia and Hydrangea.

This Forget Me Nots and Victorian Rose Collection with CD ROM will enable you to create fabulous spring and summer crafting projects. Add fantastic bouquets to your cards, scrapbook, invitations and more.

Forget Me Nots are small but beautiful flowers that have been popular throughout history as symbols of faithfulness and enduring connections.

The Victorian Rose is a classic flower that everyone loves, for its beauty, fragrance and meanings. Just change the colour to change the entire meaning if your flower card bouquet.

Bell Flowers are wonderful little flowers that are generally blue or purple and can bring simple beauty to your crafts. Geraniums are wonderfully versatile plants that come in numerous colours allowing you to customize your bouquets!

Anemone are such simple flowers, but will bring a riot of colour to any bouquet! Fuchsia have a decorative pendulous shape, which bloom in bold red, pinks and purples.

Blossoms can create some of the best scenes with their gentle petals creating a carpet of colour as they drift down the trees. Magnolia is a large, hardy but delightful flower that can add elegance to any bouquet!

Freesias are a beautifully delicate flower, which can bloom in a variety of colours and would be a wonderful addition to any bouquet!

Hydrangeas are a hugely popular garden shrubs that commonly change colour depending on the soil they are planted in.

On each of the corresponding CD ROMs, you'll find 5 different colour ways of charisma for each flower. There are also 50 coordinating backing papers for each flower, giving a total of 100 backing papers!

Plus, this CD includes the My Craft Studio graphics program, where you can change the sizes and colours of the designs to suit your needs!

Print off these backing papers and Charismas as much as you want, when you want. You’ll never run out of papers again.

Designed by Stephanie Weightman with versatility in mind, these intricate dies are compatible with die cutting machines from all leading brands (size-permitting), and allow you to produce stunning crafts that would be incredibly tricky to cut by hand.


  • Tattered Lace 3D Decoupage Dies Forget Me Nots and Victorian Rose Collection With CD ROM
    • 14 Die Cuts and 1 CD ROM
      • Forget Me Nots: 5cm x 6.3cm/1.97" x 2.48"
      • A1: 3.2cm x 4cm/1.26" x 1.57"
      • A2-1: 0.6cm x 1.6cm/0.24" x 0.63"
      • A2-2: 1.6cm x 2.1cm/0.63" x 0.83" 
      • B1: 3.3cm x 5.3cm/1.3" x 2.09"
      • B2-1: 1.3cm x 1.1cm/0.51" x 0.43"
      • B2-2: 1cm x 0.7cm/0.39" x 0.28"
      • Victorian Rose: 5.8cm x 6.7cm/2.28" x 2.64"
      • A1: 3.3cm x 2.8cm/1.3" x 1.1"
      • A2: 3cm x 2.3cm/1.18" x 0.91"
      • A3: 1.9cm x 2cm/0.75" x 0.79"
      • A4: 1.6cm x 1cm/0.63" x 0.39"
      • B1: 3cm x 2.2cm/1.18" x 0.87"
      • C1: 1.7cm x 2.7cm/0.67" x 1.06"
  • Tattered Lace 3D Decoupage Dies Bell Flower and Geranium Collection With CD ROM
    • 16 Die Cuts and 1 CD ROM
      • Bell Flower: 4.4cm x 8.7cm/1.73" x 3.43"
      • A1: 2.6cm x 2.4cm/1.02" x 0.94" 
      • A2: 2.6cm x 2.4cm/1.02" x 0.94" 
      • A3: 1.8cm x 2cm/0.71" x 0.79"
      • B1: 2.3cm x 1.9cm/0.91" x 0.75"
      • B2: 1.8cm x 1.7cm/0.71" x 0.67"
      • C1: 0.5cm x 1.5cm/0.2" x 0.59"
      • D1: 0.9cm x 2.9cm/0.35" x 1.14"
      • Geranium: 6cm x 6.7cm/2.36" x 2.64"
      • A1: 4cm x 3cm/1.57" x 1.18"
      • A2: 2.5cm x 3.5cm/0.98" x 1.38"
      • A3: 1.5cm x 1.3cm/0.59" x 0.51"
      • B1: 2.3cm x 1.7cm/0.91" x 0.67" 
      • B2: 1.3cm x 1.2cm/0.51" x 0.47"
      • C1: 1.5cm x 1.6cm/0.59" x 0.63"
      • D1: 2.2cm x 2.1cm/0.87" x 0.83"
  • Tattered Lace 3D Decoupage Dies  Anemone and Fuchsia Collection With CD ROM
    • 24 Die Cuts and 1 CD ROM
      • Anemone: 4.5cm x 9.6cm/1.77" x 3.78"
      • A1: 2.8cm x 2.7cm/1.1" x 1.06"
      • A2: 2.2cm x 3cm/0.87" x 1.18" 
      • A3: 0.9cm x 0.9cm/0.35" x 0.35"
      • B1: 0.9cm x 0.9cm/0.35" x 0.35"
      • B2: 0.9cm x 1.7cm/0.35" x 0.67"
      • B3: 1cm x 0.7cm/0.39" x 0.28"
      • C1: 2cm x 1cm/0.79" x 0.39"
      • D1: 1.4cm x 1.5cm/0.55" x 0.59" 
      • E1: 1.6cm x 1.1cm/0.63" x 0.43"
      • Fuchsia: 4.4cm x 6.2cm/1.73" x 2.44"
      • A1: 3.8cm x 3.2cm/1.5" x 1.26"
      • A2: 2.4cm x 1.6cm/0.94" x 0.63"
      • A3: 1.1cm x 1.7cm/0.43" x 0.67"
      • A4: 1cm x 0.6cm/0.39" x 0.24"
      • B1: 2.2cm x 3.2cm/0.87" x 1.26" 
      • B2: 2.3cm x 1.4cm/0.91" x 0.55"
      • B3: 1.1cm x 1.6cm/0.43" x 0.63"
      • B4: 0.8cm x 0.7cm/0.31" x 0.28"
      • C1: 0.7cm x 1.7cm/0.28" x 0.67"
      • C2: 0.3cm x 0.8cm/0.12" x 0.31"
      • D1: 0.6cm x 2.1cm/0.24" x 0.83"
      • E1: 0.8cm x 1.5cm/0.31" x 0.59"
      • F1: 1.5cm x 0.7cm/0.59" x 0.28"
  • Tattered Lace 3D Decoupage Dies Blossom and Magnolia Collection With CD ROM
    • 20 Die Cuts and 1 CD ROM
      • Blossom: 4.5cm x 7.2cm/1.77" x 2.83"
      • A1: 2.4cm x 3.4cm/0.94" x 1.34"
      • A2: 2.4cm x 2.8cm/0.94" x 1.1"
      • A3: 1.5cm x 1.4cm/0.59" x 0.55"
      • B1: 1.6cm x 2.2cm/0.63" x 0.87"
      • B2: 1.3cm x 1.4cm/0.51" x 0.55"
      • C1: 1cm x 1.6cm/0.39" x 0.63"
      • C2: 1.1cm x 0.5cm/0.43" x 0.2"
      • D1: 1.5cm x 0.5cm/0.59" x 0.2"
      • E1: 2.5cm x 2.2cm/0.98" x 0.87"
      • Magnolia: 4.4cm x 8cm/1.73" x 3.15"
      • A1: 4.1cm x 3.5cm/1.61" x 1.38"
      • A2: 2.5cm x 3.3cm/0.98" x 1.3"
      • A3: 1.1cm x 1.4cm/0.43" x 0.55"
      • B1: 2.7cm x 1cm/1.06" x 0.39"
      • B2: 1.2cm x 0.9cm/0.47" x 0.35"
      • B3: 1cm x 0.9cm/0.39" x 0.35"
      • C1: 1.9cm x 2.5cm/0.75" x 0.98"
      • C2: 0.9cm x 1.9cm/0.35" x 0.75"
      • D1: 2.2cm x 1.6cm/0.87" x 0.63"
  • Tattered Lace 3D Decoupage Dies Freesia and Hydrangea Collection With CD ROM
    • 18 Die Cuts and 1 CD ROM
      • Freesia: 6.3cm x 6.1cm/2.48" x 2.4"
      • A1: 4.4cm x 4cm/1.73" x 1.57"
      • A2: 3.8cm x 2.7cm/1.5" x 1.06"
      • A3: 1.6cm x 2.6cm/0.63" x 1.02"
      • A4: 1.3cm x 1.3cm/0.51" x 0.51"
      • B1: 1.9cm x 1.8cm/0.75" x 0.71"
      • Hydrangea: 7.7cm x 5.3cm/3.03" x 2.09"
      • A1: 3.2cm x 3.1cm/1.26" x 1.22"
      • A2: 2.4cm x 2.2cm/0.94" x 0.87"
      • A3: 1.8cm x 1.9cm/0.71" x 0.75"
      • B1: 3.4cm x 2.6cm/1.34" x 1.02"
      • B2-1: 1.4cm x 1cm/0.55" x 0.39"
      • B2-2: 0.5cm x 0.8cm/0.2" x 0.31"
      • B2-3: 0.8cm x 1cm/0.31" x 0.39"
      • C1: 2.6cm x 1.9cm/1.02" x 0.75"
      • D1: 3.3cm x 0.7cm/1.3" x 0.28"
      • D2: 1cm x 0.8cm/0.39" x 0.31"
      • E1: 6cm x 1.5cm/2.36" x 0.59"

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