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How To Make A Basic Braided Bracelet

Whether you're a professional jewellery-maker, or have never tried it before, it's fun to make one of these stunning bracelets. Our web exclusive bundle contains everything you need. Perfect to create for a gift!

  • Jewellery Making
  • < 1 hour
  • Intermediate


  • Riverside Beads Kumihimo Starter Kit
  • Or

  • 6mm Faceted Crystal Rounds
  • Size 5 Seed Beads
  • Size 8 Seed Beads
  • 0.6mm Macrame Cord
  • Kumihimo Disk
  • 2mm Rattail
  • 10mm End Caps
  • 8mm End Caps


  1. Measure the length you need your finished item to be, then cut 4 strands of cord each 4 times the length of your finished design. (When you are learning it's easiest to start with 2 contrasting colours). Place the 4 strands together and fold them in half, tie the centre with a spare piece of cord. Nb: For a 8" bracelet a guide is around 4metres of cord.

  2. Push the centre of the cord through the middle hole of the disk (It can be useful to clip our kumihimo weight onto the scrap cord to help to pull the braid down)

  3. For a standard 2 colour twist you will need to arrange the same colour cords either side of N and S and the same colour cords either side of W and E. To follow Riverside Beads instructions you will need to place north at the top, once you have mastered the technique you can start anywhere.

  4. Take the cord to the right of the "N", (between 32 and 1) and bring if down to the right of the bottom cord (between 14 and 15) Take the bottom cord to the left of "S" (between 16 and 17) and take this up to the left of the top cord (between 30 and 31)

  5. Now turn the disk anti clockwise so that "E" is at the top and repeat the previous step, this time the cords from the top right (between 8 and 9) and will go to the right of "W" (between 22 and 23) and the cord from the bottom left will go to the left of "E" (between 6 and 7) Turn the disk a quarter turn anti clockwise again ("S" will now be at the top)

  6. Repeat the previous steps by taking the cord to the right of the top cords and bringing it down to the right of the bottom cords and then the cord to the left of the bottom cords up to the left of the top cords and rotating anti clockwise after these 2 moves. A swirly braid will start to come through the centre of the disk. When you are working out your size remember to allow about 3/4" that the fastening will add when you attach it.

  7. When your cord is the desired length, take the 4 cords on opposite sides of the disk and tie them on the top of the disk, repeat with the remaining 4 cords, add some glue to ensure they don't slip undone (we use hypo cement for this) when this is dry cut off any spare cord. Alternatively whilst the braid is on the disk add some glue to the centre and when dry cut the cords off, this can make a smaller end to fit into the cap.

  8. Take your end caps and place E-6000 glue into the cap, put the end of the cord into the cap and twist to ensure the glue secures the cord into the ends, leave to dry. TOP TIP: If you need to put the disk down mid braid place a cord so you have 3 cords, you then know you need to take the bottom left braid up next.

  9. You can vary the finished bracelet by changing the position & the colours of cord you use, you can use upto 8 different colours!