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3D Birdcage and Flower Frame

A bold and colourful 3D Birdcage and Flower Frame, which will make a statement in any room.

  • Home Crafts
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate

Tools and materials required

  • 5x7 deep frame
  • Flower dies (various)
  • Flourish dies
  • Birdcage and bird die
  • Various colours of cards ( a good opportunity to use up your scraps)
  • A piece of glitter card
  • Glue gun
  • Ball tool and piece of foam
  • Tweezers/quilling tool
  • Pearls
  • Feather
  • Spritzer bottle
  • Brea Reese water colour inks


Die cut flowers using the various sizes of the dies and colours of card stock. I didn’t count how many I cut out, I just cut a lot. Whatever you don’t use on this project cane be used on another one. Also cut out the leaves and flourishes, I stuck to light green for these.


Shape your flowers. If using the spiral dies, you will need to use either a quilling tool or pair of tweezers to grab hold of the end of the flower, then adding a little glue to the bottom edge, roll the flower inwards to create the flower shape, keep rolling it in until you reach the end, add a good dollop of glue, give it a wee squeeze to make sure the glue will hold then remove from the quilling tool/tweezers. Once the glue has set, you can spread the petals out to make it look more realistic.


Shape your flower. For your flat flower dies, use a ball tool and piece of foam to give these a bit of shape. Lay them good side down onto the foam, then with your ball tool, rub over each petal until it curls slightly, when you have done each petal, flip back over and push your ball tool into the centre of the flower to give them a realistic look.


When all flowers have been shaped, start layering them together. Mix it up a little and have a play around with flower and colour combinations, then when you are happy with how the flowers look, glue them with a glue gun. (a glue gun works best with this because of the shape of the flowers, the hot glue holds almost instantly saving you having to hold the flowers in place while the glue takes a hold). Pop some pearls into the centre of the flowers to finish them off.


Take the back off the frame and measure a piece of glitter card so it will fit inside the frame. If you want to use the mount, stick this to the front of the glitter card using glue or red liner tape.


Die cut 2 birdcages, 1 in black, 1 in white (or 2 in white, then colour 1 in black with a black pen). Die cut a white bird too. Glue the white cage on top of the black one, offsetting slightly to create a drop shadow effect, then glue onto the glitter card and place back into the frame.


Take your watercolour ink and drop a few drops of medium magenta into the spritzer bottle adding a little water (the more water you add the more dilute the colour will be). Spritz a few times over the bird, then whilst it’s still wet add a drop of lake blue straight from the ink bottle. Either dry with a heat tool or leave to air dry. When it’s dry, pop a few 3d foam pads to the back then stick onto the glass front of the frame.


Play about with the positions of the flowers round the frame before committing to gluing anything down. When you’re happy with how it’s looking, start gluing them down. Don’t forget to add in the leaves and flourishes too. You can snip into these to get them to fit in between flowers and fill in any gaps. You don’t have to use every flower you’ve cut either. I had a few left over for another project. Or if you feel like you don’t have enough flowers, go back and cut some more.


And there you have it, a beautiful, bold and bright 3D Birdcage and Flower frame which is sure to be a talking point whenever someone comes to visit.


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