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Multi-colour Macramé Bracelet

by Angela Finch

The art of macramé only has about 3 basic knots, how you use them makes this technique so intriguing. This colourful bracelet uses the square knot. Wear it to any occasion and make an entrance!

  • Jewellery Making
  • < 1 hour
  • Intermediate

You Will Need:

  • Beadsmith Macrame Board (mini or large)
  • 1 mm Satin Cord in 3 different colours
  • Silver Colour Plastic Beads (or any beads with a hole over 1mm)
  • Xuron Thread and Cord Scissors (or any sharp scissors)
  • GS Hypo Cement Fabric Glue (or clear nail varnish)


  1. Cut approx. 20 inches (51 cm) of the satin cord for the base cord. This design uses white cord. Attach it to the top of the macramé board by looping it around the edges. (Use the horizontal side if using the large macramé board.) This will keep the cord in place.

  2. Add the beads to the bottom of the cord in the order that they will be on the bracelet. Then attach the cord to the bottom of the board like the top. Make sure that the cord is taut.

  3. macrame-bracelet
  4. To work out how much knotting cord (working cord) is needed, work out x6 of the length of the knotted section that you intend to create. This bracelet has approx. 7 inch knotted section. The size of the knotted section can be whatever you want. For example, the pink bracelet has a 6 inch knotted section. Cut 3 different colours of satin cord to the length needed. Find the middle of the first cord (blue in this design) and place that under the base cord on the macramé board.

  5. macrame-bracelet
  6. Now to learn the square knot. Place the left hand side of the working cord over the base cord. (The blue cord over the white cord) It should form a C shape.

  7. macrame-bracelet
  8. 1. Use the right part of the working cord over the cord that has just been passed under the base cord. (Blue cord over blue cord)

  9. macrame-bracelet
  10. Now use the right hand cord and pass it under the base cord. (Blue cord under white cord)

  11. macrame-bracelet
  12. Bring the right hand cord under the base of the C shape. This is the first half of the square knot. Think ‘over, over, under’.

  13. macrame-bracelet
  14. Pull the knot tight by both cord ends. If needed, use your finger to keep the cord in the middle.

  15. macrame-bracelet
  16. To finish the knot, the same technique is used again but reversed. Use the right hand cord and place it under the base cord. (Blue cord under white cord). This should create a ‘D’ shape.

  17. macrame-bracelet
  18. Place the left hand cord over the right hand cord. (Blue cord over blue cord)

  19. macrame-bracelet
  20. The left hand cord now goes under the base cord. (Blue cord under white cord)

  21. macrame-bracelet
  22. Bring the left hand cord under the base of the D shape. (Blue cord under blue cord)

  23. macrame-bracelet
  24. Pull the ends of the cords so that the knot is tight. This is the square knot. Attach the ends of the cords to the sides of the macramé board. This stops them getting in the way. Repeat steps 4 -13 with the 2 other colours of cords. There are now 3 square knots.

  25. macrame-bracelet
  26. Pull up the first bead so that it is under the 3 knots. Use the ends of the first working cord (the blue cord) to create the first part of a square knot under the bead.

  27. macrame-bracelet
  28. Be careful to keep the tension right so that the cords are flat against the bead. (This can be trickier if using a round bead). Do the second part of the square knot. Make sure the cords are secured to the sides of the macramé board.

  29. macrame-bracelet
  30. Do steps 14 and 15 with the 2nd colour (green), this knot will be under the knot of the first colour (blue). Again keep the tension right.

  31. macrame-bracelet
  32. Finally do steps 14 and 15 with the 3rd colour (white).

  33. macrame-bracelet
  34. It should look like this, if the tension was right.

  35. macrame-bracelet
  36. Bring up the next bead, and do steps 14 – 17 again.

  37. macrame-bracelet
  38. Continue steps 14 – 19 until the beads run out, or the desired knotted length has been achieved.

  39. macrame-bracelet
  40. Use GS Hypo Cement Fabric Glue near the bumps of the knot. Do this on all 3 knots and on both sides. This will keep the knot in place. Then wait 24 hours as this glue takes a while to set properly. Clear Nail Varnish can also be used.

  41. macrame-bracelet
  42. Cut the excess cords, making sure that the base cord is not cut. There are 6 cords to cut. Try and cut as close to the knot as possible. (There is no way to fix that.)

  43. Use the corner of the macramé board. Put the knotted section underneath the board and attach the base cords so that they are parallel to each other.

  44. macrame-bracelet
  45. Use one of the excess cords that had been cut from the bracelet. Create a length of square knots along the 2 cords. Use the 2 cords as the base cord. Make sure the base cords stay next to each other while knotting. This bracelet has an inch of knotting, it is up to you how long this section will be.

  46. macrame-bracelet
  47. Glue the knots and wait again.

  48. macrame-bracelet
  49. Cut the 2 excess cords close to the knot.

  50. macrame-bracelet
  51. Now hold the knotted section that has just been created and pull one of the cord ends. Do the same with the other end. The cord ends will probably be different lengths. Cut so that they are the same length. In this design the cords were cut at 3 inches (7.6 cm). Do a simple knot twice at the end of both the cords. This will stop the bracelet from opening completely.