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Create Your Own Bouquet with Bow K

Crafting a beautiful bespoke bouquet has never been easier thanks to the Bow K! Brand new to Create and Craft, the Bow K enables you to create elaborate professional-looking bouquets, quickly and easily. Get started with this amazing new tool by trying out this how-to; the finished bouquet can be used for that special day, as a festive centrepiece and so much more. Better yet, you can undo it all and start again once you’re feeling confident and inspired!

  • Home Crafts
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

You Will Need:

  • Bow K
  • Assortment of Flowers (fresh or silk flowers)
  • Ribbon (to coordinate with the flowers)
  • Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Wide Vase (large enough to hold and support the Bow K)
  • Pins


  1. (This step is to be completed if you’re using fresh flowers in your bouquet.) Trim the end of each flower at an angle under running water.

  2. Place the Bow K in a vase for support and begin adding the flowers one by one. The Bow K features 48 pre-made holes for you to gently pull your flower stems through. Start in the centre with your largest flowers and build outwards. (Don’t fill the Bow K to the edge.)

  3. bouquet
  4. Cut a length of burlap long enough so you can pull it through your Bow K and still have it clearly visible in your bouquet design. Simply pull the burlap through one hole and secure it to your Bow K on one side of your arrangement. You can fashion the burlap in any way you like. Repeat on the other side. (You could also add ribbon embellishments at this stage too.)

  5. Continue to build your floral arrangement to the edge of the Bow K.

  6. Once the Bow K is completely filled and you’re happy with your arrangement, trim the ends of the flowers and any exposed ribbon or burlap to 1” past the Bow K’s handle.

  7. bouquet
  8. Take a long piece of the coordinating ribbon and tightly wrap it around the handle of the Bow K to secure the stems. Secure the ribbon with pins, making sure they’re not exposed or sticking out. (You could add a lovely bow embellishment to the handle or decorate the bouquet with gems and beads – you have total creative freedom with the Bow K!)

  9. bouquet
  10. If you have used faux flowers, leave your bouquet in the empty vase to keep it supported. If you have used fresh flowers, fill the vase with water before storing the bouquet in the fridge, ready for that special occasion.