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How To Make A Custom Bubble Wand by Charlie Mumford

Bubble wands are the perfect item to make for the summer. These ones are great for kids, but equally stylish enough for festival-goers! And no one will have the same as you! Completely individual and customisable they take minutes to make!

  • Home Crafts
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

Tools and materials required

  • 2.1mm/12 Gauge Aluminium Craft Wire - I used about 1.5 meters
  • A selection of wooden beads with holes big enough for your wire to go through twice - or you could use any beads you like as long as they fit!
  • Jewellery pliers for cutting the wire and flattening sharp ends - I used a 3 in 1 multi tool but these are fantastic for the job
  • A sturdy, circular object such as a cup to get you bubble wand shape and size


Cut your wire - you want enough so that it makes the loop at the top with 2 lengths coming down for the handle, plus extra for wrapping and finishing off. I used 1.5 meters which made my bubble wand approximately 30cm long in total.


Next find roughly where the half way point if your wire is and wrap round your circular object (mine was roughly 2.5 inches circumference) once so that the two ends cross.


Now twist the 2 wire tails tightly together a couple of times to secure your bubble loop.


Once secure thread on your first few beads. To cover the twisted wire it will need to be one of your biggest holes beads and may need twisting/coercing on a bit. Just take your time and be gentle as you don't want to bend your bubble loop out of shape.


Thread the rest of the beads on, to the length you want, ensuring you put both lengths of wire through the holes. Where you have a particularly large/long bead near the bottom of your handle is where you will want to cut one of the lengths of wire with your pliers, so that the end is hidden inside. Pull the beads down out of the way, snip then push them back up, concealing the cut end.


Pull out the waste wire, then with the remaining wire tail, loop it over(a small loop is all that's necessary and will act as something to hang the wand up with) then wrap between the loop and last bead so that all the beads are secure.


Cut any excess wire. Now flatten the sharp wire end into the wrapped part with your pliers flat edge.


Your bubble wand is now ready! All you need is bubble mixture and away you go!



The wand handle will be bendy due to the nature of the wire, but it can easily be manoeuvred back into position. And if making with children it’s always a good idea to do the wire work yourself and have safety glasses available for you and the children.

Long lengths of wire tend to have a mind of their own when you are manipulating them.