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Hello Card by Hannah Oxberry

The Create and Craft Core Range features key elements that are your "go to" for all your crafting projects. The double sided tonal cardstock gives a burst of colour, and is beautifully matched to work perfectly alongside one another. For me I drew inspiration from the colours themselves, working these in to simple, yet effective, modern cards. The card cuts and scores brilliantly, both on a traditional cutter and with the ScanNCut.

  • Papercraft
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

Tools and materials required

  • Create and Craft Core Range White Card
  • Create and Craft Core Range Black Card
  • Create and Craft Core Range Red Card
  • Create and Craft Core Range Orange Card
  • Create and Craft Core Range Teal Card
  • Create and Craft Core Range Indigo Card
  • Create and Craft Core Range Pink Card
  • ScanNCut
  • Brother Canvas Workspace
  • Redline Tape


To create your own version of this “HELLO” card you can either use the file available with in this project or make your own by following the steps below. In Brother Canvas Workspace, select the test function and type the word hello. The font I have chosen is elephant. Using the edit tool bar, change the size so the width measures 6.5” and the height is 2”.


Next, select the text and within the edit drop down, choose “create offset line”. The pre-set functions that come up are what we want to use.


Again, select the mat layer you have just created and repeat the create offset line function.


This mat layer you have created will form the base of the card. In you shapes, select a rectangle and resize to match your base. Resize to 7.29” by 2”. Move this element up so it sits below the base. Drag your mouse over both elements to highlight both. From the Edit drop down select “align” and align both elements centrally.


Ensure both these elements overlap slightly, and from the edit drop down select “process overlap” and “weld” forming the front of your card.


To create the reverse of the card, right click on your shape and hit “duplicate”. Move the duplicated shape towards the top of your workspace, select and from the edit drop down select “flip” and “flip vertical”. This gives you a mirror image.


Once again, drag your mouse over the two shapes and align them centrally as you did in Step 4. Move them so the top and bottom overlap and weld them as in Step 5.


To create your score line, select the line tool and run this across the centre of your card. To keep the line straight, press the shift key and you go. Select the line and from the top tool bar, change the line to a dash.


Go back to your original text, select and from the edit drop down select “process overlap” followed by “divide”. This makes each letter available to select independently from one another.


Move all your elements on to you mat, and from the file drop down choose to “export FCM file” save it to a USB ready to transfer the file to your ScanNCut machine.


Plug your USB in to your ScanNCut and from the home screen, select “pattern” “saved data” and the middle USB button to find your file. On your mat, stick a larger sheet of white card along with the coloured card stock in little section – big enough to cut the letters from. Load you mat in to your machine.


Scan your mat using the button as indicated – this will help you determine where to position your letters.


Adjust and rotate your shapes so that the fit the card you have on your mat, I have deleted the black mat layer so I have enough room – I can add this back in later and cut again.


Cut your pieces on a cut speed 5 and cut pressure 1 – depending on the age of your blade.


Stick the black mat layer on to the front of the card using red line tape, being sure to line up the shape.


To finish stick the letters in place too!

Download the Hello Card 'cwprj' file here