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How to Create a Dotty Card without Colouring

This project is ideal for beginners to colouring or for anyone who is not confident about shading for colouring projects. Mixing rubber stamping with a dotty colouring effect and sparkling gel pens creates this gorgeous greeting card, perfect for any occasion or time of year.

  • Kids Crafts
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

You will need:

  • 6” x 6” White Card Blank
  • A.C. Moore Sparkle Gel Pens
  • A.C. Moore Alcohol Pens
  • WholeHEARTed Bella Rosa Stamps
  • General White Cardstock
  • Masking Paper or Copier Paper to Create a Mask
  • Black Permanent Ink Pad
  • Ruler and Scrap Paper
  • Tape Runner or Adhesive Tape
  • 3D Foam
  • Scissors or Paper Trimmer


  • 1

    Make a colour chart of your pens on a sheet of white cardstock and add the name of each pen to its colour. Doing this will enable you to see how each colour looks when dry and help you to decide on which colours to use.

  • 2

    Cut 2 layers of white card to fit the base card. One layer will need to be 5.75” x 5.75” and the other will need to be 5.5” x 5.5”. Set the base card and larger layer to one side.

  • 3

    Using the large flower stamp and the leaf stamp, stamp 2 flowers and leaves in black permanent ink on the smaller blank layer.

  • 4

    Stamp a flower on masking paper or copier paper and cut out to create a mask; use permanent ink for this so you can reuse it in the future.

  • 5

    Place the flower mask over one of the stamped flowers and then stamp the flower again onto the base, to create a 2-flower image, and then add a few leaves.

  • 6

    The stamped base should now look like the image, with the flower stamping and an added sentiment from the same stamp set.

  • 7

    Pick the colours you are going to use for the flowers from the alcohol-based pens; I used Robins Egg, Lemon, Lime Twist and Bright Pink.

  • 8

    Starting with the Lime Twist pen (or any other colour of your choosing) and the small nib, add dots of colour onto the flower, starting at the centre and working outwards towards the petals. For the dots, simply hold the pen upright and press down onto the card.

  • 9

    Next use the Lemon pen (optional) and, using the same method as step 8, start at the flower centre and work outwards, building up your dots of colour.

  • 10

    Use the Robins Egg pen (optional) and the same dotting method to apply the colour to the whole of the flower – you can dot over other colours.

  • 11

    With the Bright Pink pen (optional), add dots of colour around the centre of the flower and on the flower petal edges.

  • 12

    Now choose the colours for the leaves; I used Evergreen, Lime Twist and Robins Egg.

  • 13

    Following the same dot method used for the flowers, start with the Lime Twist pen (or any other colour of your choosing) and dot the colour into the leaves and around the layer.

  • 14

    Now use the Robins Egg pen (optional) for the leaves and dot the colour.

  • 15

    Use the Evergreen pen (optional) to dot darker colour into the leaves, around the base of the leaves and on the stamped spines.

  • 16

    To add the sparkle onto the flowers, apply the Black Glitter Gel pen over the black centres and onto the flower edges, followed by dotting the Red Glitter Gel pen where I have dotted pink previously. (This may be a different colour on your flower if you’ve used your own selection of colours – choose a gel pen that complements your marker.)

  • 17

    Add dots of Green Glitter Gel pens (or any other colour) to the leaves to make them sparkle.

  • 18

    Now place a piece of scrap paper under the stamped and coloured layer. Using a ruler and the thick end of the Caramel marker pen, draw straight lines around the edge of the layer to give it a border.

  • 19

    Using the Bright Pink pen's fine end, dot along the edge of the border line (remember, you can use any colour you like).

  • 20

    Using the thick end of the Evergreen pen (optional) and a ruler, draw a border line around the edge of the plain, larger layer you cut for the card in step 2. Tip: Place a piece of scrap paper underneath this layer to prevent the pen from marking your work-surface.

  • 21

    Add the bordered layer you have just created to the card blank using a tape runner or flat adhesive.

  • 22

    Attach 3D foam to the back of the stamped and coloured layer (do not worry about the back of the layer; the alcohol markers go through the cardstock).

  • 23

    Add the stamped and coloured layer onto the card over the bordered layer and allow the card to dry completely.

  • 24

    Voila! Your card is now complete and ready to send.

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