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Easter Chick Piñata

Looking for easy Easter crafts for kids? Make a DIY Easter chick piñata, and celebrate in style! This balloon paper mache piñata is a fun game which features a cute chick, and is the perfect way to prepare your home for an Easter party!

  • Papercraft
  • 5+ hours
  • Beginner

You Will Need:

  • Tattered Lace essential mini triangles die
  • Tattered Lace essential circles die
  • Balloon
  • Newspaper
  • Water
  • PVA glue
  • Pinflair bookbinding glue
  • Pinflair gel glue
  • White poster paint
  • Yellow poster paint
  • Yellow crepe paper
  • Lynda chapman’s white, yellow and brown card
  • Paste on wiggle eyes
  • Brown paper
  • Paper plate
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Scoreboard
  • Ruler
  • Paint brush
  • Hole punch
  • String


  1. Make a paste out of 1 part water 3 parts PVA glue.

  2. Blow up the balloon.

  3. Cut the newspaper into strips 4cm in width, cover each side of the strips in the paste and stick to the balloon. Continue this process until the balloon is covered, but leave an uncovered hole where the balloon knot is. Allow the paste to completely dry and repeat with 2 more layers.
    Helen’s helpful hint
    If the piñata will be hit by older children or adults it would be useful to do 4 or 5 layers for strength.

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 3

  4. Paint the dried newspaper with white paint as a base.
    Helen’s helpful hint
    Place the balloon in a bowl during decorating to help with stability.

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 4

  5. Paint over the dried white paint with yellow to create the body of the chick.

    For steps 6 to 12 use the bookbinding glue Easter Chick Piñata Step 5

  6. Cut the yellow crepe paper into strips 5 cm in width, cut slits up the side stopping at the centre of the strip for a feathered look. Glue the strips to the body of the chick starting from the bottom and working towards the hole.

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 6

  7. Cut two circles of white card using the circle die no.7 (5.9 cm). Glue the wiggle eyes to the white circles and glue to the body of the chick to create the eyes.

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 7

  8. Cut two triangles of brown card using the mini triangle die no.7 (9cm x 7.8cm). Score each of the triangles down the centre and 1 cm along the bottom. Glue the two triangles to the body of the chick, one on top of the other, to create the beak.

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 8

  9. Draw around your hand twice on yellow card and cut them out. Glue the yellow hands to either side of the chick, with the fingers facing backwards and the thumbs pointing upwards, to create the wings.

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 9

  10. Cut the middle out of the paper plate, cut thin strips from the brown paper and glue around the edge of the plate to create a nest.

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 10

  11. Gently cut the knot off the balloon and remove all the pieces.
    Helen’s helpful hint
    If the body caves in a little when you cut the balloon just use a ruler to push it gently back out.


  12. Cut a circle out of white card using the essential circle die (15cm), cut a line into the centre and glue one side on top of the other to create a shallow cone. When the glue has dried cut around the edge to create a broken egg shell effect.

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 12

  13. Glue the paper plate nest to the base of the chick using the gel glue.

  14. Punch one hole either side of the chick’s body near the hole.

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 14

  15. Punch one hole either side of the egg shell.

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 15

  16. Thread the string from inside the piñata up through the eggshell over to the other hole and back down inside the piñata to allow free movement of the eggshell. Knot each end of the string securely. Lift the eggshell up and fill the piñata with chocolate, sweets or prizes for the winner!

    Easter Chick Piñata Step 16

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