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Floral Shadow Box

by Tracey Collett

Illuminate your creativity, with this fantastic shadow box project! Featuring delicate die-cut designs framed by beautiful florals, this light-up work of art will provide a talking point for any room of the house!

  • Papercraft
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate

You Will Need:

  • A4 White Card stock – 300gsm strong card for folding
  • docrafts Freshly Cut Flowers Vellum sheets - Freshly Cut Flowers Die-Cutting
  • docrafts Xcut Folk Heart and Bird Wreath Dies
  • Flower shaped stamps
  • Black Ink – Pigment Ink
  • Alcohol Markers for colouring
  • Red line Tape 3mm thickness - 10 Rolls 3mm x 10M Ultra Clear Double Sided Tape
  • Craft Knife
  • Paper Trimmer with scoring element - Kit N Caboodle 12-Inch Paper Trimmer
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pack of 4 tealights
  • 3d Foam Tape
Floral Shadow Box


  1. Take a sheet of A4 card stock and cut 2 pieces measuring 14cm x 21cm. Now, using your scoreboard or trimmer, score at 0.5cm, 1.5cm, 2.5cm and so on, until 13.5cm.

    Repeat this on both pieces, and fold them to create a concertina effect. You should have 0.5cm on each end, and full 1 cm folds through the rest.

    Floral Shadow Box

  2. Take 2 more A4 sheets of white card; this time we need to score the landscape side at 4.5cm and again at 25.5cm on both sheets. This is going to be the box base.

    Take one of the sheets and stick your concertinas to the outer edges, keeping the concertinas with the 21cm piece in the centre. Use ultra-thin tape to stick it down.

    Floral Shadow Box

  3. Take the second of the scored sheets, and cut out a window to create the frame in the front part of the box; I measured 2.5cm in from the edge, and cut the square out using the trimmer. Repeat the method, sticking the concertinas to the frame side, this time with the thin tape. Seal the bottom on the frame with sticky tape to a depth you are happy with for your tea lights and frames (approx. 2cm over-lap of the bottom folds).

    Now we can look at the top element. We need to be able to gain access to the tea lights to turn them on and off, so we need a tab and slit in the top to allow us to open and close the box. This is the main box frame built!

    Floral Shadow Box

  4. Make sure your tea lights are all functioning, and place them in the bottom of the box; you can easily fit 4 in a row. You will be able to place your frame layers in more easily with the lights in place.

    Floral Shadow Box

  5. Now we can move on to the layers for the box. I have used a piece of docrafts Freshly Cut Flowers Vellum which I have cut to 21cm x 21cm and, using the thin tape down the sides, I have stuck the vellum sheet into one of the valley folds just in front of the tea lights.

    Floral Shadow Box

  6. We now need to cut 2 x A4 Sheets of card in to 21cm x 21cm squares, and create frames inside them. I have made one wider than the 2nd one for a layered effect.

    I did one with a 3.5cm frame border and one with a 2.5cm frame border. Just slide them into the box, just to make sure they fit in, and separate them so each one goes into a different valley fold in the concertina (but the same fold on each side). Remove them ready for Step 7.

    Floral Shadow Box

  7. Place your 2 frames on top of each other and, using your floral stamp, stamp on the corners of the frame so the stamp goes over both frames. You could stamp all around the frame if you wish! If the flower stamps hang over the centre, that’s fine, as we are going to add dimension to the flowers anyway.

    Stamp extra flowers onto the scrap pieces of card from the frame, and colour them using your alcohol markers or chosen method. Cut the coloured flowers out, ready for step 8.

    Floral Shadow Box

  8. Using 3D foam tape, alternate the coloured flowers layering them over the stamped images and stick in place. Any flowers that over-hang the outer edge of the frame will need to be trimmed to the frame edge to allow you to slot the frames in to the box. Pop your frames back inside the box.

    Floral Shadow Box

  9. Now for the finishing touches! I have die cut from white card stock a new design by docrafts, called ‘Bird Wreath.’ Using tacky glue, stick the die cut on the centre of the vellum. (You could do this at stage 5 if you wish too, whichever way you prefer).

    Floral Shadow Box

What You Need