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Kleshna Trellis Bracelet

  • Jewellery Making
  • < 1 hour
  • Intermediate


  1. Pick up 1 x Tila Bead (TB) & 1 x Seed Bead (SB) 4 x’s as shown. Work back to the 1st SB & go through it.

  2. Pick up 3 x SB & loop around and go back through the same SB as shown. This is called a Pique. Repeat this on all corners. Finish going through the TB.

  3. Step Up the thread so it ‘s flush against the TB you came out of. Pick up 1 x SB & go through the next TB, repeat till all 4 corners are done – you should have a tiny box!

  4. Repeat Step 2. making Picque’s on all corners. Start next box by going to the tip of 1 of the Pique’s & do Step 1 – Step 3 again until you have 13 boxes in total.

  5. The work should look like this now. Your needle should come out of the side SB.

  6. Pick up TB add in SB where the corners SB are missing. Make Picques. I have done it in a contrasting SB so you can see more clearly.

  7. Turn your work over and Step Up going through the TB as shown and repeat as before.

  8. Go through 2 SB as shown in Photo & repeat Step 5 & 6 another 12 times. If you have problems visualising this see photos of the next steps.

  9. Your trellis will look like this when the 2nd row is completed. Work your way over to opposite side and make another 12 squares to complete bracelet part.

  10. I have used a contrasting colour SB to illustrate the next step better. Join the top 2 piques with additional SB as shown so filling in the side gap between the two.

  11. Using the contrast colour SB on 1 side pick up another SB and go through that and the previous seed bead. Like climbing a ladder! This is infact ‘Ladder Stitch’ , it is great for making strong loops.

  12. Using 16 beads create the length as shown and join up to the SB on the opposite side to make a secure loop. Work the thread back a few loops before cutting.

  13. Onto opposite end sew the tila bead button make loops on

  14. Around stem do ‘blanket stitch ‘or ‘half hitch’ along the stem to create a more rigid stem ,weave back through a few beads before cutting thread.