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Sarah Millsop’s Infinity Knot Bracelet

“I’ve used contrasting colours, but you can make the knot with as many colours and number of cords as you wish! Take your time whilst creating the knot and, once finished, ensure your cords are lined up correctly and neatly. When describing the knots and cord positions, imagine your work surface area as a rectangle – just like they’re photographed in these images – and that should help you with the cord movements.” – Sarah Millsop

  • Jewellery Making
  • < 1 hour
  • Intermediate

You will need:


  1. Cut as many cords as you require to 40cm long. You’ll need two equal sets. For this bracelet, I’ve used four in one colour and eight in another. I have split this into two rows of six.

  2. Tape together just one end of your two rows; this will hold them together whilst you work. The other tape-free end will allow you to reposition and neaten the cords as you work.

  3. Take one set and place the taped ends in a top right corner. Curve the cords towards the bottom left, bend up to the top left and curve around to the bottom right, placing the cords over themselves where you pass.

  4. Take your second set of cords and fold it in half. Place this at the halfway point UNDER the taped ends of your first cords, sat in the top right corner.

  5. Take the lowest half of the newly positioned set, and move it towards the top left corner. Pass the cords under the first set that you cross, over the next cords that you pass, and finally under the last set before reaching the top left corner.

  6. Take your time to neaten the cords. These ribbons are actually flat on one side, so you can achieve a really neat and compact design.

  7. Pull your knot as tightly as you would like it to sit. If you have several cords, try not to over tighten and allow the cord room to sit.

  8. Sit the knot in the centre of your wrist. Measure the remaining distance to the back of your wrist, where your clasp will sit. In my bracelet, this was 4.5cm on either side of the knot. Cut all the cords to the same length and bring them together, one set on top of the other. Secure your ribbon end/clamp. You could add glue for extra security, if you require.

    You can finish this bracelet by attaching your clasp using a jumpring and an extension chain. See my ‘How to Attach Your Clasp’ YouTube video to learn how!