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Paracord Christmas Tree Ornament

"Create a Christmas tree decoration using paracord and some simple knots." - Angela Finch

  • Home Crafts
  • < 1 hour
  • Intermediate

You will need:

  • Paracord (2 colours)
  • Large hole beads
  • Blue flame lighter or glue gunv
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Macrame Board
  • T pins


  • 1

    Cut one strand of paracord 39 inches (99 cm) and one strand of 69 inches (175 cm) long in different colours. Fold the short strand in half and attach to the macramé board with a T-pin. Thread the long paracord strand underneath it, and find the middle, it should have equal lengths on both sides. Create half a square knot. (Form a c over the middle strand with the left hand side of the cord. Then the right hand side goes over that cord then under the middle cord. Finally over the c cord, and pull to tighten)

  • 2

    Now complete the square knot starting from the right hand cord. This is the same as step 1, just create a backwards c with the right hand cord first.

  • 3

    Create a new loose half square knot (like step 1). This time make sure the loops are a bit loose, this will be the first branches of your tree. Then complete the square knot. The 2nd half of the square knot will keep the loop size in place. This can be a bit fiddly, as you need to make sure both sides of the loop are the same size. Pull the 2nd half of the square knot tight.

  • 4

    Move the square knot up so that it sits directly under the previous one. At this point put a bead on both strands. When doing the first half of the square knot be careful to not put the beads within the knot. Follow step 3, but you are wanting this branch to be slightly bigger.

  • 5

    Continue using square knots to make the next 2 branches, making sure each branch is slightly bigger than the last. Remember to put beads on the 4th branch.

  • 6

    Create the last branch and this time, do one more half knot than usual to keep it in place.

  • 7

    Now turn your tree upside down. Bend your 2 paracord strands to where you want the trunk of the tree to start. Create a square knot. (This is slightly fiddly as the cord does not always stay in the correct place.)

  • 8

    The square knot will now have little loops on the top. Gently pull the long straight pieces that go through the tree bit to get rid of them.

  • 9

    Create 3 square knots, these will be the tree’s trunk. At this point, you may have to gently move the tree down so that there are no gaps. Put a big bead over the loop at the top of the tree for the star.

  • 10

    Turn the tree over. Cut the remaining strands so they are the width of the tree trunk. If using a blue flame, burn the back of the strand and quickly press it onto the paracord using the flat nose pliers. Keep the pliers in place until it cools. The paracord is now fixed down. If you do not fancy using a flame then use a glue gun. The tree is now completed.