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Capped Posatge Capped Posatge

Personalised light box
By Penelope Quinn

Whether it’s your favourite lyrics or your life motto, a personalised light box will bring a dash of fun and whimsy to any room. Best of all, all the materials can be bought for far cheaper than buying one new, and can be made in under an hour!

  • Home Crafts
  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner

Materials for one place setting:

  • A shadow box frame
  • White LED fairy lights
  • Sticky back letters
  • Spray paint in one or more colours
  • Coloured cardboard cut to size
  • A small hacksaw
  • Sticky tape


  1. Penelope Quinn’s personalised light box

    First, decide what you’d like your phrase to be and find a frame to fit. I chose a square frame as it fit my phrase nicely! You’ll also need a space of 10cm between the glass and the backing so you have room to put the fairy lights.

  2. Penelope Quinn’s personalised light box

    You can buy sticky back letters from most hardware stores, but if you can’t find the right sized letters for your frame, you can make your own out of sticky back contact paper and stencils. Once you are confident of the spacing, start to adhere your sticky back letters to the glass.

  3. Penelope Quinn’s personalised light box

    Now remove the glass from the frame. Lay it down on some paper, and spray paint the top half with one colour. Let dry, then spray paint the bottom half in a different colour. Alternatively, you may chose to use just one colour – or three or more! I did just one coat, but for a more opaque finish, you can do a few layers of paint.

  4. Penelope Quinn’s personalised light box

    Once the glass is completely dry, carefully peel off your letters. A good tip is to use a safety knife to score around the letter and lift, so you don’t get any tears. If you do get tears in the paint, simply touch up by transferring some spray paint to a small brush and painting on.

  5. Penelope Quinn’s personalised light box

    Now use your hacksaw to make a small hole in the backing – this is for the fairy lights lead so you can plug it in.

  6. Penelope Quinn’s personalised light box

    Place the glass in the frame, and lay out the fairy lights. You may want to use some tape to help place the lights at the top of the frame otherwise they’ll fall to the bottom. Put in a piece of coloured cardboard – also with a hole cut into the bottom – and your backing.

    And you’re done! You can now plug in your fairy lights and enjoy your light box doing it’s thing!