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How to make a Needle Felt Puffin

Create a beautiful needle felted Puffin, If you have never done needle felting before this is a great project to start with. Things you need to know -
• Take your time and never take your eyes off your work.
• Remember that the needles are very sharp, they are designed to tangle the fibres together when you poke it in and out of the wool. As you felt a shape it will become firmer and will shrink in size.
• Always work on a foam mat and keep your fingers out the way. Keep the felt moving on the foam mat to avoid it attaching to the mat.

  • Sewing
  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner


  • Wool for needle felting in red, orange, black, white and yellow
  • Felting Needles
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Foam Pad to work on
  • Toy glass eyes
  • Wire
  • or
  • The crafty kit co - Needle felting kit Atlantic puffin. Everything you need is in this kit.


  1. Make two legs in the same way. Fold a piece of wire in half, form a loop at the fol-ded end of the wire, the loop needs to be big enough to ?t your thumb. Twist the ends of the wire to make the legs, it only needs to be 1cm up the wire from the loop, Flatten the loop slightly to create a rounded triangular shape for the foot.

  2. puffin
  3. Spread out the ends of the wire in the direction of the head and tail feathers, twist to join together but leave a gap in the middle, as seen in the pitcher. You may need to cut or fold the wire later if it’s too long.

  4. puffin
  5. Wrapped the pipe cleaner around the body and unwrapped wire. The pipe cleaner really helps the wall to stick.

  6. puffin
  7. Begin to wrap small pieces of white wool around the pipe cleaner to form the body of the puffin, gently felting in place. Take care not to hit the wire or the pipe cleaner as the needle tip is very fragile.

  8. puffin
  9. pend some time adding white wall to the body of the felt felting in place. It’s a good idea to look at some images of puffins to get the shape just right.

  10. puffin
  11. Create a black band around the puffins neck and add a band of black over the head from the middle of the neck, coming to a point on the front of the face.

  12. puffin
  13. Cover the back, sides and top of the Puffin with black wall and needle felt in to place.

  14. puffin
  15. Layer black wool along the sides of the puffin to create the impression of wings.

  16. puffin
  17. To cover the wire on the feet, layer several pieces of orange felt, firmly felt these to create 2 pieces of felt fabric. Each piece needs to be big enough to wrap around the puffin’s foot. Fold and felt fabric around the wire foot to enclose it. Now carefully felt it in place, avoid hitting the wire with the needle as this could break your needle.

  18. puffin
  19. To add detail to the face, needle felt a small black triangle on each side of the face where the eye will be. Then needle felt a very thin line from the bottom of the triangle to the back of the head. Add a small circle of red felt on the triangle.

  20. puffin
  21. Use a single felting needle to make a hole where the eye will go. Position the eye with a little glue behind it to keep it secure.

  22. puffin
  23. To make the beak, firmly felt a piece of red felt. Keep turning it over too felt it on both sides. On top of the felt, add a little black and some thin strips of yellow and white wall. Add these colours on both sides to create a fabric beak, your beak will look too big but it will condense when you add it to the puffin face.

  24. puffin
  25. To add your beak, position the beak on the middle of the face and felt to secure it, keep felting the beak in to the head until you have the beak shape you desire, it will condense in size as you work on it. Add 2 small circles of orange felt on the sides of the beak to make cheeks.

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