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Becky Cole’s Scissor Holder

This fun and practical scissor holder is a quick and simple project. It will jazz up any sewing room while keeping your scissors safe and protected. And you can easily adapt it to make it bigger or smaller to use it to store your other crafting tools!

  • Sewing
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

You Will Need:

  • 2 pieces of fabric size 22cm x 25.5cm (this project can be made from fat quarters)
  • Interfacing
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing scissors
  • Complimentary sewing thread
  • Straight pins
  • Tape measure


  1. Gather your materials together. I have used to bright and vibrant fabric patterns but you can choose anything that matches the look of your crafting room. Choosing two distinct fabric patterns will add to the look of your finished project. Make sure the fabrics are a similar weight.

  2. Scissor Holder

    From your two piece of fabric, you will need to cut a rectangle from each measuring 22cm x 25.5cm (8 ¾” x 10 ¼“).

  3. Scissor Holder

    Select one of your rectangles of fabric and interface it. You can choose either piece. Fusible interfacing works best for this.

  4. Scissor Holder Scissor Holder

    Place your two rectangles together with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Stitch around the outside, starting along one of the long sides, 1cm in from the edge of the fabric. This is known as the seam allowance. Leave a gap approximately 8cm along the long side.

  5. Scissor Holder

    Trim off the corners to remove the excess bulk.

  6. Scissor Holder Scissor Holder Scissor Holder

    Turn the fabric the right side out, using a pin to pull out the corner points. Using your iron, press along all of the edges.

  7. Scissor Holder

    Lay the fabric shape upright with the open gap on the left hand side. Fold the bottom right hand corner up to meet the log left hand edge and press this fold.

  8. Scissor Holder

    Take the same corner point and fold it back on itself to meet the edge you just folded and press again.

  9. Scissor Holder

    Take the top left hand corner and fold the edge (with the gap) under the flap you have just created until it meets the inside of the first pressed fold, hiding the open gap inside. Press this new fold. Give the whole project a good press so that all the folds and edges are nice and sharp.

  10. Scissor Holder Scissor Holder

    Stitch along the very edge of the long point you have created. Leave the bottom 3cm to avoid sewing over the bulk. Give the fabric one last press and your scissor holder is ready to use!

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