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Square Knot Paracord Bracelet

“Learn how to create a simple paracord bracelet. Perfect for men, or those who like the outdoor life. “ Angela Finch

  • Jewellery Making
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner

Tools and materials required

  • Paracord
  • Plastic Buckles
  • Paracord Jig
  • Blue flame lighter or super glue
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Measuring tape


Cut a long piece of paracord using fabric scissors. The rule is 1 foot for every 1 inch the bracelet needs to be, I usually add about 10 inches to the end for ease of use. Also, paracord is thick so most bracelets need to be about an inch longer than normal. If you have a blue flame lighter, light the end of the paracord and use the flat nose pliers to make it go flat. This makes it easier to thread through the buckle. Add the buckles to the paracord jig.


Find the middle of the length of paracord and fold it in half. Push the fold through the buckle. If this is difficult, use the flat nose pliers to help push it through. Then put the 2 paracords ends through the loop and tighten. This is a form of Larks Head knot.


Turn the jig around, and put the 2 lengths of paracord through the buckle. Create half a square knot. Form a ‘C’ with the left cord, bringing it over the 2 middle cords. Then the right-hand cord goes over that cord then under both middle cords. Finally, over the ’C’ cord, and pull to tighten. You may need to check the tautness of the 2 middle strands, and pull them when you tighten the knot.


Now complete the square knot using the right cord. This is the same as step 3, just create a backwards ‘C’ with the right cord first.


Continue doing square knots. If you have to put it down halfway through, it is easy to pick up again.


Look to see which side the vertical knot is on, that is the side you start the square knot with.


Go as close up to the buckle as you can with the square knots.


Turn the bracelet around on the jig, so that the back of the bracelet is facing you. Cut one end of the paracord so that it is just under the width of the bracelet.


If you have a blue flame lighter, burn the side facing the bracelet. Then quickly use the flat nose pliers to hold the strand in place until it is secure. Or use super glue to fix it.


All finished.


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