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Tall Woven Basket

When it comes to stylish storage and on-trend home accessories, basket-weaving is bang on trend right now! So unleash your creative side and craft something functional as well as fashionable for your home, with this fantastic basket weaving project!

  • Home Crafts
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate

You Will Need:

  • Creativ Basket Small and Large Bundle
  • Creativ Small Basket Making Bundle
  • Creativ Large Basket Making Bundle


  1. Use 30cm long wooden sticks for the tallest basket, and shortened 20cm long wooden sticks for the small basket. To shorten the sticks, use a mitre cutter.

  2. Push the wooden sticks into the pre-drilled holes on the wooden basket weaving template.

  3. tall-woven-basket
  4. Make sure that each of the wooden sticks are pushed firmly into the holes on the wooden basket weaving template, to ensure your basket shape is sturdy and secure before you begin weaving!

  5. tall-woven-basket
  6. Paint 1/3 of each wooden stick with Plus Color craft paint, as well as the wooden basket weaving template and the edge.

  7. tall-woven-basket
  8. Use paper yarn for weaving the first section of the basket, from the base. Double over the paper yarn, tie a knot at the end, twist it slightly and attach it around a wooden stick as shown.

  9. tall-woven-basket
  10. Weave the doubled-over paper yarn alternately behind and around each wooden stick as shown.

  11. tall-woven-basket
  12. Twist the paper yarn as you go along to ensure that it has the same thickness as that of the maize cord, which will be replacing the paper yarn later in the weaving.

  13. tall-woven-basket
  14. When the painted area on the basket is covered with the woven paper yarn, finish the weaving with a knot around a wooden stick.

  15. tall-woven-basket
  16. Push the end of the thick maize cord into the hollow of the woven section by a random wooden stick of your choice, and continue weaving.

  17. tall-woven-basket
  18. Tighten the maize cord each time you weave around a wooden stick.

  19. tall-woven-basket
  20. Pack the woven section together by tapping it lightly with a hammer at the top between each wooden stick.

  21. tall-woven-basket
  22. At the top of the basket, cut the maize cord at the shown length. Fasten it to the woven section to the right of the nearest wooden stick. NB: There may not be much room and a tool may be useful; sharpen a new wooden stick with a pencil sharpener.

  23. tall-woven-basket
  24. To create a woven collar at the top of your basket, cut 9 pieces of maize cord, each measuring 25-30cm (depending on whether it is a small or a large basket). Push one piece of cord into the woven section to the right of each wooden stick, all the way around. You may use the tool from step No. 12 if the space is tight.

  25. tall-woven-basket
  26. Weave each piece of maize cord behind the next piece of maize cord in the row, all the way around, forming loops. Attach the last piece of maize cord in the loop made with the first piece of maize cord.

  27. tall-woven-basket
  28. Now push each piece of maize cord underneath every other loop all the way round, and tighten.

  29. tall-woven-basket
  30. From the inside, take out every maize cord, push it in again through the 3rd loop, and tighten.

  31. tall-woven-basket
  32. Tighten the weaving, and trim all the ends at approx. 2-3cm. Push these into the edge all the way along, and use glue to secure the ends.