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How To Make A Vintage Brooch

  • Sewing
  • < 1 hour
  • Beginner


  • Needle
  • Fabric (21 inches by 2 ½ inches)
  • Skein of Embroidery Thread
  • 2 pieces of felt (about the size of a 50p piece)
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Brooch Back
  • Self Cover Button

Create Your Fabric Piece

  1. The finished piece will measure a 7cm circle, so you may want to mark it out on the back of your fabric. Lay a piece of lace across it to create a pleasing design. Thread your needle with 2 strands from your embroidery thread. Tie a knot in one end and secure the thread at the back of your fabric. Tip: Start and finish your threads near the centre of the circle so you do not cut through them when trimming your circle.

  2. Stitch some large decorative stitches to secure the lace and the fabric together. You can use cross-stitches, straight stitches or even french knots - just stitch whatever makes you happy! Secure the end of the thread on the back.

  3. Covering Your Buttons

  4. Cut the fabric pieces as described below.

  5. Use a little glue to attach the smaller felt circle to the top of your button. This only needs to be a temporary attachment because it simply holds it in place while you cover the button in fabric. Note: these pictures use plain fabric so you are able to see the steps clearly.

  6. Once the glue is dry, lay the button face down onto the wrong side of the 7cm circle of fabric. The button blank has downwards facing teeth which will grip your material. Be careful - these theeth are sharp!

  7. Working from opposite sides of the button, carefully tuck the edges of the fabric under the teeth until they grip.

  8. Continue all the way around the button until all the sides are tucked in. If you get some big creases, just ease that piece of fabric out, pull it taught and then tuck it under again.

  9. Next, lay the back of the button blank on top. You will notice there is a valley around the edge of the button back. The vallery needs to be facing outwards, otherwise the button will not snap together. Now, press the button back firmly onto the button. Sometimes this bit can be a bit tough if the fabric is gathered too much in one place. If you have any trouble, gently tap it all the way around the edge with a small hammer.

  10. Make The Flounce

  11. To make your button into a brooch, you will need 21 inches x 2½ inches of fabric folded in hald lengthwise with the right side facing down.

  12. Thread a needle with a matching colour thread and run a line of long running stitches along the unfolded edge. Carefully pull the thread tight and the fabric will begin to bunch up. The tighter you pull, the more bunched the result. Once you are happy with the look, sew the flounce into a rounded shape to create the rosette. Sew the button firmly into the centre of the rosette.

  13. Take your second circle of felt and sew it onto the back of your brooch to hide any untidy stitches. Once this is secure, you can stitch the brooch pin onto the felt and you are ready to wear with pride.