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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

5 Super-Quick Upcyling Projects

Using unwanted items you have at home, you can create something ingeniously crafty

5 Super-Quick Upcyling Projects

1 Ceramic Plant Pots

Whether they’re now too cracked to use, or just don’t match your home’s interior anymore, it’s always a shame when pretty ceramics go unused – so why not give them a different purpose instead? These designs pair with plants perfectly. Plus, if you use succulents that don’t need much water or soil, you can decorate the surface with gorgeous coloured glass and stones, such as Mosaic Stones.

2 Old Tyre Pet Bed

Unusable tyres create clutter and can be difficult to recycle; however, if you have some at home, you could upcycle them into something clever, like a pet bed! Dogs and cats often like an enclosed space to snooze in, and a tipped over tyre can fit the bill perfectly. Just decorate it with spray paint, such as Montana Spray Paint, and cover with a pet-friendly finish, then fill the inside with a comfortable round cushion for them to lie on.

3 Coat Hanger Lampshades

Coat hangers are something that everyone seems to have a surplus of. However, if your pile is getting a little too big, why not turn the ones you don’t need into something you’ll love? There are numerous clever lampshade designs made from both wire and wooden coat hangers, and even faux chandeliers, all made in surprisingly easy ways. Have a look yourself – you’re bound to find some inspiration.

4 Skateboard Shelf

Whether it’s an old toy that a child has grown out of, or a relic from your younger days, you might have an old skateboard gathering dust in the garage or attic. Give it a new job, by turning it into a surprisingly fab shelf! Just give it a sand, spray paint, and remove the wheels if desired, then mount it to the wall. Not only is it super practical, but it also makes a great retro decoration.

5 Food Tin Candle Holders

Food tins are extremely versatile when it comes to upcycling – you can make storage pots, plant pots, wine racks, shelves, and more! One fun project is to turn your empty tins into candle holders. Cover the sides, if desired, with a paint like Bavarian FolkArt Chalk Paint, gently draw a decorative design, and puncture holes in the sides, following the design. Once a candle is inserted, the light will shine through the decorative design beautifully.