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Exclusive Project

3D Quilled Blossom Branch by Carla Bagshaw

These blossom branches are stunning and life-like. They are a little fiddly and time consuming but oh so worth it. Persevere and you will be so pleased that you did. You can choose to use the branch as a card but if you frame them they make an amazing piece of home décor and make a beautiful gift.

You will need:

  • Craft wire, wire cutters, long nosed wire pliers
  • Scissors and craft tweezers
  • PVA glue and Tattered Lace Applicators
  • Slotted Quilling Tool
  • Florist tape in brown and green
  • 3mm quilling strips in green and white
  • 10mm quilling strips in dark pink or red
  • Green card stock to make leaves

Time to Make: 20 minutes per flower. Approximately 4-6 hours in total (including drying time)

Skill Level: Advanced


  1. Gather together all the things you will need to create one flower. Image 1
  2. Take 2 green 3mm strips and glue them together as one using a small amount of PVA, then using a slotted tool form a tight coil.
  3. Take something with a round end (I used the end of my quilling tool) and (very) gently push into the centre of the coil to form a dome.

    In order to keep the dome shape it needs to be ‘painted’ with PVA, apply it generously with the Tattered Lace applicator and pop it somewhere to dry (this takes a minimum of 10-15 minutes).

    Once dry the dome will hold the shape.
  4. Next, tightly coil 5 white strips and glue them together in a round to form a flower shape as shown here.
  5. While the flower and bud are drying take some wire and cut a piece approximately 10cm long.

    Place the very end of the wire in the pliers and roll the wire around the nose forming a tiny circle and pull the tail of the wire down
  6. When the green bud is completely dry push the wire through the central hole and cover in glue so the wire is held.

    You need to let this dry completely again.
  7. Once completely dry hold the wire so the bud is upside down and dip it into the glue so the edge of the bud has glue all around it.

    Then place it directly onto the centre of the flower.
  8. Leave the flower to dry and take the 10mm red (or dark pink) strip and use scissors (or if preferred you can use the Tattered Lace Quilled Fringing die) to fringe the strip.

    Make the snips approximately 8mm long and 2mm apart.
  9. Use the slotted quilling tool to coil approximately 6cm of the fringed paper.

    Dip the end of the fringed coil into the PVA glue and insert it into the centre of the flower.
  10. Once the flower is dry you need to cover the wire in green floral tape.

    Take it from about 5cm down the wire and rotate the tape tightly around up to the top just below the bud. Then snip off the excess wire.

    That is your first flower complete.

    You will need to create lots of flowers; the amount will depend on the length of your branch. For this piece I made around 14 flowers.
  11. To create the leaves take a small square of green paper (around 3cm x 3cm).

    Fold it in half and cut a leaf shape (the crease will form the central vein in the leaf).
  12. The trickiest part of the leaf comes next. You need to concertina the folded leaf.

    The smaller the folds the more detailed the leaf will be.

    I did it by holding the leaf in my tweezers and creating tiny folds over the edge of the tweezers.
  13. Once the leaf is folded all the way down you can unfold it completely and glue it to a completed flower
  14. To create the branch cut a piece of wire around 40-50cm long. Fold it in half and twist the wire all the way along.

    Take two more pieces of wire (around 15cm long). Fold them in half, but before you twist the wire place one around the long wire you previously twisted (the main branch).

    Then twist it tightly so it forms a small offshoot branch. It will be too long so fold it back on itself and twist the end around the main branch, securing it completely and twist again.

    Repeat with the second wire so you now have two offshoot branches. Repeat this whole step so you have two branches.
  15. Now wrap the whole branch in brown floral tape from top to bottom and then repeat so it has at least two layers of tape.
  16. You can now begin to assemble your blossom. Using the brown floral tape begin to attach the flowers and leaves to the main branch by wrapping the tape around the stems.

    Place them at reasonable distances so the branch looks full but not overcrowded.

    At this point you should be feeling super proud, the complete branches are stunning so give yourself a huge well done.
  17. You can decide whether you would like to attach the branch to a card or whether to frame it in a deep box frame as a home décor piece.