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How to Make Quilled Floral Easter Cards

How to Make Quilled Floral Easter Cards

The Easter card is a brilliant craft that we all love making, whether it’s the traditional egg-shaped card or something a little unique. We’ve decided to create something a bit different; using the classic quilling technique, we’ve create an elegant floral Easter card that we absolutely love. It’s really easy to make, versatile, and the results are amazing. We guarantee that you’re going to love it too!

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METHOD: Step-by-Step Quilled Flowers

  1. Select the colours you want to use to create the quilled flowers. You can cut the quilling paper into different lengths to create flowers in varying sizes, and glue different coloured strips together to create multi-coloured flowers – the choice is yours.
  2. To create the centre of each flower, use the slotted tool to curl a strip of quilling paper into a tight circle. Remove the circle from the tool, making sure it remains tight, and glue down the end. Repeat the process again to create two flowers.
  3. To create a petal, use the slotted tool to create a tight circle. Keeping it tight, place the circle onto a flat surface and allow it to expand to your desired petal size. Once you have your required petal size, glue down the end. Using your fingers, shape the petal by gently pinching the circle into an oval shape. Repeat the process until you have enough petals to create two flowers.
  4. Once you have enough flower elements, arrange the flowers on opposite corners of the card blank. To create each flower, you can arrange the petals around the circle, or you can arrange the petals and then place the circle in the centre - this will give your flower added dimension.
  5. To create vines, take green quilling paper and cut each piece to your desired vine length. Using the slotted tool, curl one end of each vine so it has a scroll-like shape. Using the pin for precision, apply glue down the edge of each vine and stick it to the card blank.
  6. To create leaves, follow the same process for creating the petals. However, instead of pinching the leaves into oval shapes, pinch one end of the circle into a point. Repeat the process to create as many leaves as you need to decorate the vines.
  7. Arrange the leaves around the vines. When you’re happy with your design, glue the leaves down.
  8. For added detail, apply a gemstone to the centre of each flower and to some of the leaves. Allow the card to dry completely.
  9. To complete the card, apply your chosen insert. To add a personal touch, you can add your own sentiments and messages to the front or inside of the card.
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