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Exclusive Project

Rainbow Unicorn Box Frame by Helen Kirkham

Using your ScanNCut make this magical rainbow unicorn box frame. This would be perfect to personalise and display in a child’s bedroom.

You will need:

  • Cutting craftorium Daydreaming 2 USB
  • Brother ScanNCut
  • Silver, pink, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, lilac, black, white, dark green and pink glitter card
  • Gems
  • Stix 2 Acetate
  • White 6x6 Box frame
  • Pin flair book binding glue
  • Stix 2 foam pads
  • Wink of Stella pens blue, pink, gold, yellow, green and violet
  • ScanNCut cutting mat
  • ScanNCut scanning mat
  • Ball tool

Skill Level: Advanced


  1. Add the embellishments for the Unicorn Box from the daydreaming 2 usb in to your mat, delete the smaller leaf and the three smaller flowers, these are not needed. Resize the horn to 3’00 by 1’15 inches and cut out of silver card. Resize the ears to 1’00 by 0’60 inches and cut out of white card, then resize to 0’80 by 0’60 inches and cut out of pink card, glue the pink ears on to the white ears. Resize the eyelashes to 0’60 by 1’20 inches and cut out of black card. Resize the leaves to 0’80 by 0’50 inches and cut out four times. Resize the flower to 1’12 by 1’17 inches and cut once out of red, blue, green, orange, yellow and lilac paper. Cut a 6x6 square out of the pink glitter card and the acetate.
  2. Take the waste pieces from the inside of the unicorn horn and add them to your scanning mat. Select scan on your machine and then ‘scan to cut data’ and scan in those pieces. Save the images of the scanned pieces to your machines memory and then cut one piece each out of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and lilac card.
    Helen’s helpful hint When scanning in the waste pieces use ‘recognition mode’ in grey scale.
  3. Using the wink of Stella pens add some detail to the flower petals. Using the ball tool, curve and shape the flowers. Then curl the edges of the flowers using the arm of the ball tool. Add a gem to the middle of each flower.
  4. Again, using the wink of Stella green pen add detail along the middle of the petals.
  5. Glue the unicorn horn, ears, flowers and eyelashes to the acetate using wet glue for the horn and eyelashes and foam pads for the flowers and ears, keeping the flowers in rainbow colour order and then place the leaves under the red and lilac flowers. Paper piece the inside of the horn with the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and lilac card using the wet glue
  6. Using font FO-A002 add the personalised name to your mat, resize your name to 1’00 inch in height the width can stay the same as long as it does not exceed 5’75 inches. Cut each letter out three times starting with red card, then each consecutive letter out of the rest of the rainbow colours of card ending with lilac. Repeat colours if your name is longer than six letters. Then glue the three duplicate letters one on top of the other and then glue each letter to the pink glitter card. Place the acetate in the front of the frame and glue the pink glitter card to the back of the frame.
  7. Helen’s helpful hint
    For help in placing the name so it can still be seen clearly under the unicorn, place the acetate above the glitter and mark with a pencil how far up the glitter card the letters should go. The pencil mark can easily be rubbed out later or covered up with one of the letters.