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9 Gorgeous and Relaxing Zentangle Patterns To Try Immediately

Get comfortable, ready your drawing tools, and start creating some zen

9 Gorgeous and Relaxing Zentangle Patterns To Try Immediately

1 Layered Bricks

Brick-inspired tangles are great for geometric-style zentangles. You can opt for the traditional alternating brick stacked wall, or get creative and have a go at a zig-zag herringbone pattern or spiralling whorled pattern. There are numerous different types, so you’re sure to find one you enjoy.

2 Chains

To draw a simplified chain, you simply alternate between ovals and small lines – it’s easier than you might think. You can then build up a tangle by crisscrossing several chains across your space, for an industrial-esque aesthetic.

3 Vortex

This pretty pattern radiates outwards in such a way that it catches the viewers attention, making it a great centrepiece. To make it yourself, start with a small square in the centre of the space, and draw several lines curving outwards like a whirlpool.

4 Basketweave

Inspired by the textile weave, this simple criss-cross tangle forms a delightfully checkered appearance when finished. It might seem a little complicated at first, so take it slow and remember not to fret over mistakes – anything you make will still be something lovely and unique to you.

5 Scallop

Depending on how many lines are used, and the alignment of the pattern, this pretty tangle can look like ocean waves or fish scales. It’s super easy to draw too, since it’s just stacking loops on top of each other – why not have a go yourself?

6 Gingham

Doesn’t this sweet pattern remind you of spring and happy school days? It’s a fun tangle to make too! However, it’s characterised more by the colouring than the drawing itself. To make it yourself, simply draw a simple crosshatch in your space, then alternate between leaving a box white, colouring it black, and colouring it grey (this can be achieved with a black pen by leaving white spots in the colouring).

7 Spider’s Web

Take inspiration from nature with this clever tangle – after all, whether or not you’re a fan of spiders, their webs are so cleverly complex that scientists are determined to replicate them. To make this tangle, draw several crossing lines in your space, to create an asterisk-like shape in your space, then draw between the lines to connect them.

8 Honeycomb

This delightful hexagonal tangle is inspired by honeybees’ nests, where they store honey and pollen. You can draw a simple version, where all the hexagons stack in an orderly fashion, or get creative and add some clever borders and 3D shading between them. Whatever you pick, make sure you enjoy the process.

9 Moroccan Trellis

Also known as the ‘lantern design’, ‘lucky clover’ or ‘Casbah trellis’, this pretty pattern is popular in interior design. Its complicated shape means it’s a bit harder to draw than other tangles, but that’s what makes it fun – have a go yourself, for gorgeous results.