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Easy Upcycling: 5 Crafty Ways To Repurpose DVD Cases

These days, thanks to the increase of TV streaming services, you can watch pretty much whatever you want, whenever you want; so unless you have a little Disney fan who loves to watch their movies on repeat, you probably have some old DVDs gathering dust in your house. Instead of tossing them out or letting them become an eyesore, why not try some crafty upcycling? The sturdy, thin box shape makes them ideal for a number of clever creations...

5 Crafty Ways To Repurpose DVD Cases

1. Art Kit

DVD cases are the perfect size to store some coloured pencils and paper, making the perfect travel-sized kit for artists, little ones, and those who want to practise some mindful colouring as they’re out and about. The standard DVD case size is 13.5cm x 19cm, so if you’re printing your own colouring pages, make sure that they’re those measurements, or you may lose a little off the edges.

2. Gift Box

If you’re planning on sending a family member a heartfelt letter, or a friend some crafty dies and embellishments for their birthday, a DVD case can be used as a gift box – the sturdy shape will make sure delicate crafts don’t get squashed or bent in the mail, and they’re easy to decorate with some patterned paper. You could even design your own fake movie cover for the front, as a funny joke.

3. Board Game

Little DIY board games that can easily fit into a small bag or backpack are great for long commutes and trips, where you can easily grab them anytime and have some fun with friends. If you’re playing a game with moveable pieces like Draughts, try crafting some magnetic pieces and line the base with a Magnet Sheet (402432) to prevent them wobbling or falling off your DIY board – alternatively, use felt and Velcro.

4. Mini Organiser

Whether it’s important receipts, seeds ready for spring, or even your favourite dies, DVD cases are great at organising relatively flat items. Simply cut, build and glue several pockets together and to the insides of the DVD case, and it’ll open like an accordion to store whatever you need. Use pretty card such as Color Bar A4 Patterned Colours (478900) to build the pockets and embellish the outsides, for fantastic results.

5. Picture Frame

Do you have lots of pictures of loved ones and friends, but only a limited number of photo frames to put them in? No problem with a repurposed DVD case – the sturdy shape will stand nicely, and a sheet of acetate over the insides will hold the photos in place. Plus, since it’ll be very simplistic, you can get creative with your embellishments and stylish design. Time to raid the craft stash!