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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

7 Clever Ways to Reuse Books in Fun Arts and Crafts

If you have a few too many books lying around, or you own some classic novels that are sadly beyond saving, why not try your hand at upcycling them into creative and fun crafts? The sturdy hardback spines and pretty printed pages make them ideal for a number of clever creations.

7 Clever Ways to Reuse Books in Fun Arts and Crafts

1. Accordion Organizer

This brilliant idea is perfect for storing your paper patterns, dies, stamps, cards and small or flat embellishments, and it only uses a few pages, meaning you can rip out the rest for other fun mixed media projects! If your selected book’s pages are especially thin, though, you can make each section sturdier by glueing a few pages together.
[image credit:]

2. Flower Bouquet

These pretty blooms won’t be wilting any time soon! To make your own charmingly rustic decorations, fish out any flower dies you have in your stash or use the petals from a flower making kit like Happy Moments’ (492523) as stencils to trace and cut out elements. Then, all it takes is a little wire and glue to stack and construct the impressive flora.
[image credit:]

3. Wreath

If you have time to kill and enjoy the soothing, repetitive motions of a long project, you’ll love making an enchanting wreath from book pages. There are a number of different shapes and styles out there, from a succulent-esque rolled page piece to delightful rings of accordion flowers – you won’t know where to begin!
[image credit:]

4. Garland

Party decorations are always lots of fun to create, and a book page garland will add a sophisticated atmosphere to your gathering – perfect for a regular book club or adult tea party. To make your own, simply cut your pages into circles or another easy-to-trim shape, and thread a line of string through them all. You can even use the occasional newspaper page to help fill it up.
[image credit:]

5. Spine Bookmarks

After tearing out an old book’s pages to make some amazing 3D paper projects, the pretty spines can be put to good use making a bibliophile’s dream bookmark. Simply punch a hole in the top, thread a pretty ribbon through, and neaten up the inside of the spine with a layer of patterned paper if needed.
[image credit:]

6. Cover Clutch

Hard book spines can also be transformed into sturdy clutches – all you need is thread, a zip to stitch around the open edges, and some pretty fabric, such as Floral Navy Fabric Fat Quarters (513621). The clutches are perfect for keeping your makeup and fragile bits and bobs safe while on the go.
[image credit:]

7. Owl Model

If you’re feeling really creative, you could even have a go at carving intricate models and designs from stacked pages, like this sweet owl! The simpler the outline, the easier it will be to make, so this easy double circle shape is a great starter project. Just watch your fingers while handling a craft knife, and don’t worry if the occasional page tears and needs to be ripped out.
[image credit:]