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7 Clever Ways to Reuse Cardboard Tubes

Whether it’s from kitchen roll, wrapping paper or loo rolls, don’t toss out the cardboard tube – get crafty with it!

7 Clever Ways to Reuse Cardboard Tubes

1 Wire Holder

Wires are notorious for getting tangled whenever you take your eye off them – peer behind the TV at your own peril! But with a little patience and some spare toilet rolls, you can easily separate them into manageable groups. Stick a few on the inside of a drawer to keep small wires like chargers and USB cables, and a few to the wall, hidden or on display, to hold plug cables in place. But before that, don’t forget to decorate the tubes with pretty washi tape, such as Tim Holtz’s Idea-ology Design Tape Butterfly.

2 Plant Pots

Cardboard is biodegradable, making the tubes a great temporary plant pot for seedlings. Simply cut four slices into the bottom of a tube, and fold it like a box. Then, fill the tube with soil and carefully insert the tiny plant or seeds. Try making a few like this, and place them together to see which grows first! Just remember not to waterlog the soil!

3 Puppets

Cardboard makes are a fun, cheap way to get crafty with the little ones. Whether you use a colourful paint such as Creativ’s Plus Color Craft Paint in Assorted Spring Colours, stick on bits of felt and paper, or cleverly cut it into shapes, let their creativity run wild. You can then poke your hand into the bottom of the tube make when you’re done and play together with the charming puppets – adorable!

4 Pencil Pots / Art Caddy

Keep all of your pens and art supplies at your fingertips by making your very own pots or caddy. Simply cut a few tubes to different sizes, fold in the bottoms much like with the plant pots, decorate, and arrange on a sheet of card so that the shortest are at the front. You’ll find it’s super handy and surprisingly durable!

5 Gift Boxes

For small gifts like sweets (Easter is coming up soon), you can make cute little boxes out of spare cardboard tubes. Cut a tube to length, so it’s a few inches bigger than the gift, and push the ends inwards to create an oval shape. Then, tape it shut and decorate with something pretty and vibrant, like Trimcraft’s First Edition Premium Paper Pad Floral Fusion! They’d make a wonderful hidden prize for an easter egg hunt.

6 Little Toy Shelf

Rambunctious kids’ play areas are always a mess, but instead of throwing everything in a box when they’re not using it, you can create a charming little shelf for kids and adults to enjoy. It’s perfect for little toys such as LEGO figurines or mini army men. Simply cut a few rolls to size, decorate, and stick them together in an alternating pattern. If the figurines aren’t standing properly, just add a small blob of blue-tack. The kids will definitely be charmed with the finished result.

7 Napkin Rings

Setting the table, but the napkins keep unrolling? You don’t need to learn any fancy folding techniques, a DIY napkin ring will do the job nicely. Simply cut a roll to size, decorate, and slip it onto the napkins. If the tube is too wide, you can cut it down the side, roll it smaller and stick in place. For an added sense of glamour, why not decorate the rolls in our Luxury Collections’ Luxurious Wired Ribbons and add a sparkly brooch.