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How to Make a Paper Rose Wreath

How to Make a Paper Rose Wreath

If you like to fill your home with hearts, flowers and all things related to love around Valentine’s Day, then this paper rose wreath is the ideal decoration to hang up in your home. Spread a lot of love this February, making it the craftiest Valentine’s Day you’ve ever celebrated. What shows your affections towards another better than a hand crafted gift, created in honour of the love you share?

You Will Need


METHOD: Pretty Paper Roses for Valentine’s Day

  1. Remove your foam wreath from any packaging and set it aside.
  2. Start with the large paper roses; roughly cut an A4 sheet of red card into four pieces, and then cut a circle from each. Draw a spiral shape within each circle, trying to keep the same thickness throughout. Carefully cut along the drawn line until you have one continuous spiral, similar to orange peel.
  3. Roll the outer end of the spiral as tightly and neatly as possible, until you reach the middle of the spiral. You should now have a rolled circle. Pinch slightly to help the flower hold its shape, and then release. Continue this step until you have several large roses.
  4. To make smaller roses, cut an A4 sheet of card in half lengthways into two strips; each strip should be about three inches wide. Cut each strip into three, and then cut a rough circle out of each. Then, repeat the same spiralling technique as above.
  5. Group your large and small roses together on a sheet of old newspaper, lightly spray adhesive over each individual flower, and then sprinkle glitter over them. Allow to dry.
  6. After about 2 hours, the flowers should be completely dry. Locate the end of the spiral on one of the flowers and use a hot glue gun to glue the end of this flap. This will hold the flower together. Take this time to mould the rose into your desired shape until it dries. Repeat this step with the rest of your paper flowers.
  7. Glue each rose onto the foam wreath. If you don’t have enough flowers to fill the wreath, go back to the start of this method to make more to glue on.
  8. Leave your wreath to completely dry, preferably overnight, before cutting a length of ribbon to tie through the wreath. Make a pretty bow at the top, and then hang your wreath up on your front door, in your living room, or elsewhere in your home.
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