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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

9 Creative and Fun Rug Designs to Craft

There’s nothing better than crafting your own décor! After all, you get to choose the colours you love, customise things exactly as you want... and have fun in the process! What's not to love? Now that the days are getting longer and colder, why not have a go at making your very own lovely textured rug to sink chilly feet into? We’ve gathered nine different designs, so you’re sure to find the perfect one.

9 Creative and Fun Rug Designs to Craft

1. Fluffy Pom-poms

Who doesn’t love pom-poms? They’re fluffy, colourful, and easy to craft – they also make great rugs for that very reason. In fact, our Charlie Mumford has a wonderful tutorial to make a rainbow pom-pom rug for yourself here; in it, Charlie ties together 104 pom-poms crafted using 2 ½ or 3 ? inch pom-pom makers, but you can make bigger pom-poms or use a multiple pom-pom making tool for faster results.

2. Crochet Mandala

Everyone who crochets knows and loves mandalas – they’re fun to make, the perfect opportunity to practise new stitches and look great in just about any colour combination. If you’re new to the craft, have a go at making your own using Charlie Mumford’s tutorial here. To make a rug from one, all you need to do is super-size the pattern, by adding more rounds and using a chunky yarn to make it quicker.

[image credit:]

3. Granny Square

Granny square designs are as numerous as papercrafting techniques, and just as creative and colourful! They’re often made into blankets, but why not rugs too? You can either make a bunch and stitch them together or super-size one with a chunky yarn bundle like the Deramores Studio Chunky Yarn in Dusty Colours (508775), for an impressive piece that shows off your crafty skills.

[image credit:]

4. Crochet Loops

Shaggy rugs are delightful to sprawl over, especially when made from super soft fibres. Best of all, there are hundreds of designs and all-in-one packs to choose from! For instance, the Rainbow Crochet Loop Rug Kit (583184) has everything you need to make a lovely textured rainbow rug using the crochet loop stitch. Made from Deramores Studio DK yarn, it’ll brighten up any room come rain or shine.

5. Tapestry Weaves

Hand-woven projects always look incredible, especially woven rugs! The process involves securing several long poles or sticks like the Creativ Wooden Weaving Sticks (471042) into place, then using them to weave rope, yarn or strips of fabric into magnificent colourways, much like a tapestry. It might take a bit of time, but the eye-catching results are well worth it.

[image credit:]

6. Chevron Weaves

As well as weaving stripes and cross-hatch patterns, you can make intricate designs like chevrons by using a method similar to making a friendship bracelet – remember those? It’s perfect for upcycling some old fabric into stunning results. Plus, other than securing the fabric straps at each end, there is very little sewing involved making this a fun project to craft with kids.

[image credit:]

7. Braided Fabric

Alternatively, if you fancy something simple and mindful, you can braid the weaves together to create a remarkable and surprisingly sturdy rug. It’s a great craft to keep your hands busy while watching your favourite shows, and you’ll soon find it building up quickly. You could even mix and match more intricate braids using a guide like Jacqui Carey’s 200 Braids to Loop, Knot, Weave and Twist (434346).

[image credit:]

8. Rag Rug

All sewists know that you can never throw anything away, so inevitably you’ll end up with a container full of pretty but impossible-to-use fabric scraps. Why not turn them into a charming rag rug? There are numerous ways to create one, and innumerable fabric combinations that can be used, so the end result will definitely be something unique to you.

[image credit:]

9. Upcycled Denim

Do you have an old pair of jeans or two that don’t fit anymore? Have a go at upcycling them into a sturdy rug! The shape of the jeans’ legs means you won’t be able to have a rectangular solid blue design, but you can easily cut them into fun and delightful patchwork patterns. Try making a sunburst from two or more colours of jeans – the results will blow you away. [image credit:]