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7 Seasonal Wreaths to Brighten Your Front Door

A wreath is a simple way to add seasonal flair to your front door. These wreaths can all be personalised to suit whichever season you’re decorating for, so feel free to get creative and switch up the colour palettes.

7 Seasonal Wreaths to Brighten Your Front Door

1. Papercraft wreath

Strips of paint colour swatches are free in home improvement shops, and you can get a lovely range of shades to create an ombre effect to your wreath. Stick to swatches in the same colour family so you can create a stunning ombre effect. Use a leaf template or a leaf die to get the same shape each time. Folding each leaf in half gives the wreath dimension. Once you have enough leaves to cover a whole wreath, glue them down, layering and overlapping the tips and base of each leaf. You could use our wooden Craft Buddy MDF Wreaths - Set of 4 as a base.

2. Simple wrapped wreath

This wreath is simple to make, and uses materials that you’ll probably already have in your stash. Our guide for an Autumn Wreath explains exactly how to create the perfect wreath to make your front door stand out. Simply wrap a polystyrene wreath with some natural coloured string, and secure this with a pin. Add some felt leaves in autumnal rust shades for extra detail. Add a loop to the top of the wreath using string so that your wreath can be displayed in pride of place. This method can also be used to create a Christmas wreath by using red, white and green string and adding holly instead of leaves.

3. Bauble wreath

A wreath made from baubles is instantly festive, and it's simple to make, too. You can either choose baubles from a similar colour palette, or keep it vibrant and bright with a fun multicoloured look. There are two methods for making this wreath - you with glue the baubles straight onto a wreath base, or thread baubles onto wire shaped into a circle. Either way, this wreath is sure to impress visitors and passers by when hung from your door. Add extra wow-factor by tying a ribbon bow at the bottom of the wreath or threading some tinsel throughout.

4. Cookie cutter wreath

Not all wreaths need to be hung from the door frame, and this design would suit a kitchen door perfectly. A simple way to create a Christmassy wreath is to simply attach cookie cutters together in a circular formation. If you use clear florist string to tightly tie each cutter together, you will be able to easily take the wreath apart so the cookie cutters can still be used for their original purpose. Use a set of cutters with a seasonal theme, such as our Metal Christmas Cutters 30pcs, to amp up the festivities.

5. Chalkboard message frame

An unconventional, non-circular wreath is an innovative way to add interest to your door. Combine this with chalkboard paint and you have a unique, personalisable wreath that you can be sure no one else will have. Stick some chalkboard paper onto a large photo frame and you have the perfect canvas to spread joyful messages to your neighbourhood! Choose a frame with a large border so you can paint it, cover it with some festive fabric, or craft small adornments that can be glued to the frame. If you’d like the wreath to be an all-year-round staple, leave the decorations around the border relatively neutral. This way, you can simply write a new message when the seasons change, making the most out of your newest creation.

6. Embroidery hoop wreath

A large wire embroidery hoop can create a minimalist wreath that is simple yet effective. Cut lengths of yarn for the fringing - these will need to be double the length you’d like your fringing to be as they will be folded over and tied to the bottom of the hoop. Choose a yarn colour that matches the decor of the room, or tie in seasonal colours for a classic festive addition. Extra embellishments can be crafted (such as flowers, snowflakes, or other seasonal motifs) and attached with a glue gun. Don’t forget to attach a loop of yarn or ribbon at the top of the hoop so it can be hung

7. Pom-pom wreath

This pom-pom wreath is a fun addition to any season. Simply select yarn that suits the season you’re decorating for, and use a pom-pom maker to create enough pom-poms to fill a wreath. This Pom Pom Makers 4pcs set lets you make four different sizes, so your wreath will have added depth. These can then be glued down to a wreath base, starting with the biggest pom-poms, and filling in the gaps with smaller ones. Use our guide How to Make a Pom-Pom Deco Mesh Spring Wreath for top tips on how to make your pom-pom wreath the best it can be.