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When will I receive my magazine?

The summer issue will be sent out to members from July 7th 2014.

Please note, anyone who joins/joined the club after July 1st 2014, will not receive this edition. These members will receive their first magazine in October. However, the July issue and previous issues are available to view online here.

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Are any of the back issues available to members?

Most of our past issues are free to view online, just follow the links to our back issues page here.

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The magazine will not load

This will be due to a number of incorrect settings on your computer. The most common cause is due to active "pop-up blockers", literally stopping the magazine window from popping up.

You will need to alter the setting to allow pop-ups from the website. This can be done in a number of ways. You can switch off, or lower the filter settings of your pop-up blocker via the privacy settings, (in the 'General' section of your 'Windows Internet Settings' in the Control Panel), or simply input into the sites that you allow pop-ups from. Be aware that sometimes you will have "third party blockers" working in the background, (usually on a Yahoo or MSN tool bar near the top of your Internet Explorer window). These will either have been already loaded, or downloaded and activated with your internet provider. If this is the case, you will also need to apply the same setting to each of these.

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Why does the magazine take so long to download?

Depending on your broadband connection speed, this will vary. The magazine is packed with pages and images so the file size is very large and will, therefore, in some cases, take a while to download.

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While downloading an issue, why does the page counter freeze?

The reason for this is likely to be that your Temporary Internet Folder is full. If you are using Internet Explorer, go to the General section of your Internet Settings via the control panel or the Tool drop down menu in Internet Explorer, click on the "Delete Files" button, tick the box next to "Delete Offline Files" and then click "OK" This box will then close. Now close down your browser and reload to re-access the magazine.

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I can see the magazine but why can I see only half of the navigation panel?

This could be due to the screen size of your computer. We can get round this by right-clicking your mouse over your desktop background/wallpaper then clicking "properties" on the drop-down menu. This will bring up the settings window. Click on the "settings" tab. To the bottom left of this box will be a slider bar which is likely to be set to 800 x 600. Move this along to 1024 x 768, and then click "Apply" and "OK". This will solve the problem but will make all the other things on your desktop look a little smaller. If this is undesirable, simply reverse this simple procedure when you have finished with the magazine. If you are using another browser (such as AOL) you may need to refer to the provider for this.

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How do I operate the magazine?

When your magazine has loaded, you will find a complete 'How to Use' section on page 3, including a full description of all the buttons and the Navigation bar.

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How do I print a page from the magazine?

To print 'what you see' in the magazine, simply click on the 'p' button on the navigation/tool palette. You will then be given the option to print either left, right or both pages. Once you have selected from these, your 'default printer properties' window will appear, where you can access your print preferences.

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The pages sometimes take a long time to turn, seem sluggish or completely freeze; why?

It is likely that the 'Temporary Internet File' "cache" is getting full. To fix this, delete your temporary internet files.

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Why am I unable to download the worksheets or templates?

This is probably due to pop-up blockers have been set or incorrect software has been loaded.

You must have 'Adobe Acrobat Reader' installed on your computer to download any templates or worksheets. This can be obtained by clicking on the Adobe button on the "How to Use" page of the magazine or by navigating and downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is free. Alternatively, clicking on these links will cause a window to "pop up" and you need to make sure your pop-up blocker settings are correct.

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When I click on the 'purchase' button, why can't I access the website?

Again, this is likely to be because you can't download the templates or worksheets, as this is another "pop-up" action. (See question above)

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Because I access the magazine so much, I have added the magazine to 'my favourites', is this okay?

When you place something in your favourites, your computer remembers a particular location, time and state of the site at that moment. To receive the full benefits of the magazine, you should allow the page to refresh each time it is loaded. This is achieved by going to the 'General' section of your 'Internet Settings' via the Control Panel, clicking on 'Temporary Internet settings', and making sure that you have selected 'Automatically' below 'Check for newer versions of stored pages'

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