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How to Sew Bias Binding

How to Sew Bias Binding

Sewing bias binding onto your garments can be a fiddly process, but it’s ever so rewarding; you’ll have neater edges and a cleaner finish. If you’re struggling to get to grips with bias binding tape, keep reading to find out how to sew it to an armhole opening. Once you learn, you’ll never forget!

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METHOD: Perfectly Finished Bias Binding

  1. Measure the armhole of your garment to determine how much bias binding you need, and then add about an extra 6 inches. The reason for this is because there needs to be some overlap to encase the bias tape.
  2. Open out one of the folded sides of the bias binding and press it open using an iron. Fold one of the corners at the end into a triangle so that it matches the top edge to the side edge, and then press again using an iron.
  3. Pin the raw edge of the bias strip onto the raw edge of the armhole opening. You will require lots of pins to keep everything secure and level. Pin all the way round until you reach the folded triangle end, overlap by about 1 inch, and pin it in place. Cut off the excess tape.
  4. Dig out your sewing machine and stitch around the opening. Make sure you backstitch when you reach the start.
  5. Press the seam towards the bias tape, ensuring that it's completely flat. Turn the top inside out and press the bias tape down so that it's only showing on the inside, and then pin in place.
  6. Stitch as close to the edge as possible. Once you've sewn the bias tape onto the top, turn it out and you'll see that the inside has a beautiful lined opening and the outside has a neat line all around the edge.
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