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7 Spring Crafts Kids Will Love

From rainbows and flowers to one very hungry caterpillar, kids will love these simple and charming spring project ideas

7 Spring Crafts Kids Will Love

1 Pressed Flower Pals

To bring a little piece of spring indoors, ask your child to gather small, thin flowers, leaves or petals from the garden. Tape a piece of clear contact paper sticky side up on a table and let your little crafter draw out a background design with a Sharpie. This could be anything from a landscape to a person – the shape of the flower petals and their patterns make for great faces and hair! Fill in the picture by sticking the botanicals onto the contact paper. Press a second sheet over your completed design to secure. Your child will have great fun holding these up to the window on a sunny day!

2 Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders

Simple bird feeders are the perfect way for your child to get crafty and learn about recycling. All the two of you need to do is cut away the middle area of a large plastic bottle, depending on how tall you’d like your bird feeder to be. Next, cut an opening in the bottom half, so that the birds can get inside. Paint both halves and the cap with a handy foam brush, like Creativ’s 10Pk Foam Brush (why not try a mushroom or fairy house design?). Help your child punch a small hole through the middle of the bottle’s cap, and one centred on each side of the bottle’s bottom, towards the top. Place the top of the bottle on the bottom part, and punch holes in line with those on the bottom. Use twine to connect the pieces, threading up through the cap and tying into a loop.

3 Coffee Filter Flowers

Fun, colourful and super simple, coffee filter flowers may be even more beautiful than the real deal! Set up small amounts of food colouring mixed with water, or liquid watercolours such as the Creativ Liquid Watercolours, and decorate the coffee filter with a paintbrush or dropper. Once dyed and completely dried, turn them into flowers by layering and twisting into a cone shape. To create a stem, tie a pipe cleaners, like Creativ's 200 pipe Cleaner Assortment to the blooms. If your little crafter would like more-distinguished petals, try folding the circle four times and cutting an arch about a third of the way down, around the wider end.

4 Paper Chain Caterpillar

If you’re hungry for a fun paper craft to do with your child, we suggest whipping up an iconic caterpillar. Ask your child to cut some green construction paper, such as Creativity International's Pack of 500 Assorted Super Value Construction Paper, into strips – you’ll also need one strip of red construction paper. Simply staple together a paper chain, attaching the red strip last and adorning it with googly eyes. Give your creepy crawly a mouth and some antennae cut from black paper and then drape him proudly over your favourite bedtime book!

5 Clay Vase Necklace

Kids love collecting flowers, and what better way to display such treasures than around their neck? To make a clay flower vase necklace, warm up a piece of oven bake clay, like the That's Original Polymer Clay, in your hands and roll it into an oval shape. Pinch the bottom and sides closed, then thread a skewer across the vase to create two holes. Bake the clay in the oven according to your instructions and allow to cool. Thread your chain through the holes, add a drop of water and some flowers and it’s done!

6 Flower Heads

If your thumbs are more interested in picking up a paintbrush than turning green, make some endearing flower head pots and show your child how they can get crafty and nurture a living thing. A simple yet rewarding project idea, all you need to do is cover a plant pot in white paint and then paint on some hair and funny features. You can even use markers! Fill the pot with soil and sprinkle on a few seeds. Water and wait for the luscious locks to grow.

7 Stained Glass Rainbows

For an easy, vibrant make that kids will love, place a rectangular frame cut from black construction paper on to the sticky side of a piece of clear contact paper. Evenly space out and stick five strips of black paper diagonally parallel across the frame. Assign each space between the black strips to a colour of the rainbow and fill in with bright tissue paper, which you can find in Creativity International's Pack of 100 Assorted 18gsm Tissue Paper. Once the tissue rainbow is complete, sandwich the design by placing a second sheet of contact paper sticky side down on top of the project and trimming the excess plastic around the edges. Tape to a window and gaze out at spring, whatever the weather.