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Exclusive Project

Steam punk wall clock

Steam punk wall clock

Create this striking make to adorn your walls and make a real impact to your home décor.

You will need:

  • Brother Scan and Cut
  • Cutting Craftorium Ephemera USB
  • Construction board
  • Black card
  • Pinflair Bookbinding Glue
  • Dina Wakley black paint
  • Gold and silver gilding wax
  • Black, gold and silver Embossing powder
  • Ranger letter it embossing pen
  • Paint brush
  • Pretty gets gritty white texture paste
  • Nuvo expanding mousse
  • Heat gun
  • Brads
  • Clock mechanism battery operated
  • Sponge
  • Wet wipe

Time to Make: 1+ hours

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate


  1. Steam punk wall clock Add a Circe to your digital scan and cut mat, duplicate it and resize one to 170 by 170 mm and the other to 10 by 10 mm. Select both circles and centralise them vertically and horizontally. Group the two circles together and cut out of construction board. Cover with the black paint and leave to dry.
  2. Steam punk wall clock Add the large cogs from the toolbox on the Ephemera USB to your digital mat, delete the cogs that measure 80 mm and only keep the cogs that measure 70 mm. Resize them to 60 mm each and cut out of black card twice. Resize them again to 50 mm each and cut out of black card four times. Add the nuts and bolts on to your digital mat and cut out of black card three times. Glue each of the two 60 mm cogs on top of each, so you end up with one of each cog. Repeat with each of the four 50 mm cogs, so you end up with two of each cog.
  3. Steam punk wall clock Once the circle has completely dried add the cogs, glue some hanging off the clock face and adding brads to some of the cog centres. Fill in the spaces with nuts and bolts.
  4. Steam punk wall clock Add the grit paste to parts of the clock face and allow to completely dry. Add the mousse and use a heat gun to activate it as it reacts to heat, both of these products will create dimension to your clock face.
  5. Steam punk wall clock Add the gilding wax to the clock face.

    Helen’s helpful hint
    When adding gilding wax, use different tools to add it. Using a sponge and wiping it across the cog will create a brushed steel effect. Adding gilding wax to a wet wipe and dapping it on the cog will create more of a rust effect. Experiment on your clock face with both techniques to create an interesting look.
  6. Steam punk wall clock Add the embossing pen to parts of the clock face including the brads, add the embossing powders to the clock face and heat. Add the mechanism to the clock face to complete it.

    Helen’s helpful hint
    When adding the liquid from the embossing pen draw with some solid strokes and some dots, experiment with both techniques to create different looks. Allow the heat gun to completely heat up before using on the powder.