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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home with Stunning Mosaics

Home décor looking tired and plain? Add swirling patterns of mosaic tiles to bring vibrant colours and eye-catching designs to your home! Mosaics can be tricky at the start, but once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be searching for any old plain pots and accessories to breathe new life into with your newfound skill.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home with Stunning Mosaics

1. Rainbow photo frame

Keep it simple with a quick afternoon make that’s easy to admire. All you’ll need is a plain wooden picture frame, adhesive, grout and a few handfuls of pretty mosaic tiles. To create a flowing rainbow pattern, try using a kit that comes with plenty of shades, like our Mini Mosaic Collection. Use a Mosaic Glass cutter to snip your tiles into squares, triangles or other irregular shapes, and then arrange these on top of the frame. Use the grout to fill the gaps in between, and once it’s dry stick in your favourite photo!

2. Bird bath

image credit: Birds and Blooms /

Hard-wearing mosaics are just the thing to brighten up your garden. If you already have a plain bird bath, try lining the interior of the bowl with an array of colourful, polished shapes, like our Mosaic Tiles in Assorted Colours 2kg. But if you haven’t got a bird bath going spare, simply use a terra cotta saucer stacked on top of a pot or two to give it some height. Whether you create an elaborate design or let the colourful tiles speak for themselves, this is a project that’s guaranteed to impress.

3. Flower pots

image credit: Birds and Blooms /

While you’re out rummaging in the garden shed, why not liven up your plain flower pots with a fun mosaic pattern? These brilliant designs are a fabulous addition to an empty windowsill – and they make great gifts for avid gardeners! Ordinary terra cotta pots work well for a base, and the Mirror Mosaic Coloured Tiles Round And Squared 300pcs will look fantastic sparkling in the sunshine. After you’ve finished your design, fill your pot with a flower arrangement that’s just as colourful as your mosaics.

4. Candle Holder Jar

image credit: Mason Jar Crafts Love /

Pop a tea light into an eye-catching mosaic jar and watch the flame dance among the beautiful colours. For this project, you can simply use a glue gun or quick-drying contact adhesive and our Foil Mosaic Tiles for a super-shimmery design. Bring your candle holders out as the centrepiece at your next dinner party or family gathering and get ready to wow your guests.

5. Table top

image credit: Instructables /

Once you’re feeling confident in your mosaic skills, why not try covering a whole table top in a handmade design? Choose a small, metal table that will look perfect on a patio, in a conservatory or in front of a window, and watch your home transform into a seaside villa. While their uneven surfaces might not lend themselves to elaborate dinners, mosaic tables can become works of art in their own right, so don’t be afraid to show yours off!