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5 Super Quick and Easy Craft Ideas

These fun craft projects show that the simplest ideas can sometimes be the most effective

5 Super Quick and Easy Craft Ideas

1 Easy clay buttons

A simple way to add a personal touch to your stitchy makes is to make and bake your own buttons. Just knead and roll out some colourful oven curing clay, such as FIMO, to a thickness of around 3mm, then use a mini cookie cutter to stamp out shapes. Make sure to pierce a pair of holes all the way through for sewing the buttons in place, then bake according to the clay’s instructions.

2 Ice cream linens

If you have some wooden blocks, foam sheets and fabric paints, you can make and print your own ice cream stamps that will make any table cloth or napkin more summery. Simply cut out a small circle and a triangle from a foam sheet and use a hot glue gun to position the shapes on individual wooden blocks. Apply paint to the stamps with a paintbrush and get printing!

3 5-minute bookmark

For a quick and practical sewing project that you can whip up while the dinner cooks, cut two pieces of fabric that are about 3 inches x 12 inches and raid your stash for a small piece of elastic, such as that by Korbond. Right sides together, sew up the two long sides of your fabric, then turn right sides out, fold the short ends in and press flat. Insert the elastic into the folds on each side and sew it in place to create a pretty bookmark that won’t fall out.

4 Two-step feature wall

If you’ve ever lusted after perfectly-arranged feature walls and framed masterpieces but never had the time to put one together, consider opting for a design that is super quick and easy. For example, by hanging some plates up on the wall and purchasing a vinyl kit, you can easily assemble a stylish wall display. Simply cut your motif to size and adhere to the plates.

5 Artsy candle holders

This DIY really couldn’t be any simpler to make, and it’s therapeutic, too. All you need to do is haphazardly paint the inside of a clear glass candle holder, or tea light holder with a selection of watery paints. The only thing to remember is not to get too carried away – if you mix the colours too much, you’ll end up with brown. Pop in a candle for surprisingly gorgeous results.