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Tangling Ideas

Get Social

Zentangle is a fantastic solo activity, but can be great fun to do as a group too. So get some like-minded friends together and let the creativity flow! You could print or produce the same Zentangle background design for everyone, and compare each individual's finished results once the designs have been tangled! Alternatively, you could each start on one page, then swap with someone after 30 minutes to let them complete the second half.

Mixed Media

Why not try adding another medium to the mix? You could fill in the blank spaces in your Zentangle background design with watercoloursacrylics or coloured inks, wait for them to dry, then tangle in black ink over the top.


Add some glamour to your finished Zentangle pieces with glitter or gem embellishments. You could even selectively apply Cosmic Shimmer Glue to enhance some of the intricate details and create instant dimension. Once complete, seal your work of art with Mod Podge for longevity.

Create Your Own Templates

All you need is a fine-tip black pen (Pigma Micron Pens are ideal), a piece of paper and a shaped object. To produce circles, you could use an empty cup or cardboard tube; to produce squares, a stack of post-it notes would do. Simply trace around your chosen object multiple times over your piece of paper to produce the outline of your desired shape, ensuring that some of them overlap.

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