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7 Tasty Treats to Try

Even if you’re not a regular baker, it’s hard to resist the allure of these devilishly moreish makes

7 Tasty Treats to Try

1 Cake Pops

If you didn’t already know, the increasingly popular cake pop is a small cake styled as a lollipop. Despite appearances, they’re actually easy to make, and great for parties – kids and adults alike will love the colourful, tasty bites. Plus, when you make a few and decorate them in complementary colours, they look gorgeously decorative on a pretty cake stand. Why not try our baking recipe here, and make your own?

2 Galaxy Mirror Glaze Cake

We’ve all seen those amazing cake-making videos, where the gorgeous blue and purple icing mixes to create a striking galaxy-like appearance on the cake as if by magic. But it’s surprisingly easy to make! Don’t trust us? Try it yourself with our glaze cake recipe here, and create your own mini nebula. Not to mention, the vanilla cake’s filled with all-natural strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream – absolutely delicious!

3 Pup-Cakes

What’s better than a cupcake? A pup-cake! With some clever icing application, you can turn tasty cupcakes into an adorable doggy face. They’ll be perfect for informal parties and gatherings – kids and dog-lovers are guaranteed to adore them, and even the ‘bah-humbugs’ of the group will be tickled pink. Mich Turner’s handy recipe for pup-cakes can be found here.

4 Mini Rolls

These bite-sized cakes can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and be filled with a variety of tasty contents – there are so many fun options! Once you've tried making your own mini rolls, you'll never go back to shop-bought versions. Why not try our gluten-free mini roll recipe here? They’re filled with a decadent chocolate ganache buttercream, flavoured with either mouth-watering orange or peppermint and popping candy. Mmm...

5 Chocolate Bonbons

A delicious treat that originally hails from the 17th century French Royal Court, bonbons are small sweets or confections that typically feature a chocolate or fondant coating, and a delicious filling at their centre. Their name originates from the French word for ‘good’, and they definitely are. We have a fab recipe for raspberry- and cream-filled chocolate bonbons here, so make sure you give it a go!

6 Vanilla Cake

You can’t go wrong with a vanilla cake, and we’ve got a fab recipe for one. The Swiss meringue buttercream used is lower in sugar than regular buttercream, and flavoured with blackcurrant powder rather than artificial colours. Plus, with its rose-like icing, the result is so gorgeous and delicious that it’s perfect for big events like weddings. You absolutely have to try it for yourself!

7 Butter Biscuits

With a crunchy texture and buttery taste, these light biscuits are irresistible to eat and simple to make – in fact, they’re a great recipe to teach kids cooking skills (while supervised, of course). With some cookie cutters and icing, you can have fun customising and decorating them too! Have a go at our butter biscuit recipe here, for superb and tasty results.