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How to Tie a Bow with Ribbon

How to Tie a Bow with Ribbon

Beautiful ribbons can provide a simple, yet elegant finish to wrapped gifts, an easy way to keep loose-leaf scrapbooks and diaries held together securely, and a decorative finish to card fronts, wedding invitations, favour boxes, home décor projects, and more. Better yet, creating gorgeous ribbon bows to adorn your craft projects couldn’t be easier! Why not see for yourself?

You Will Need:


METHOD: A Classic Ribbon Bow

  1. Whether you’re tying your ribbon around a gift box or simply producing a stand-alone bow, the basic technique is the same – you need to start with a knot.
    • If you’re securing a box, loop the ribbon underneath the box. Bring both ends up over the top and knot them together in the centre of the box-top, ensuring that each end is equal in length.
    • If you’re creating a stand-alone bow to use as an embellishment, take your single straight piece of ribbon and knot it in the centre, so that the left and right ends are equal in length.
  2. Take the left end of the ribbon and form a loop with it, pinching it between your thumb and forefinger to hold it secure. For a perfectly neat finish, ensure that the ribbon is not twisted, but can be flattened tidily.
  3. In exactly the same way, take the right end of the ribbon and form a second loop with it, ensuring that both loops are equal in size.
  4. Now, take the right-hand loop and pull it around and under the left-hand loop, so that you are able to tie these two loops into a knot. Once twisted through, pull on the loops evenly to tighten the knot at their centre, ensuring that the loops remain equal in size, and the ends equal in length.
  5. For a professional finish, cut a symmetrical triangle shape out of the end of each length of ribbon, creating fishtail ends.

    A Helping Hand…

    p If you fancy creating more complex bows but lack the extra pair of hands needed, then you’ve come to the right place. At Create and Craft, we’re privy to a fantastic little bow-making secret… a must-have ribbon-manipulating tool: the Embellishment Attic Bow Maker! This wonderful little tool is portable and incredibly easy to use, enabling you to produce double or even triple bows with ease.
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