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Understanding Colour

Colours are simple aren’t they? Yes and no. We’ve all
had that argument about whether turquoise is green or
blue, or whether his new shirt is red or pink.

Colours can be categorised in many ways, one of the
simplest is by dividing them into primary, secondary
and tertiary colours:

Primary Colour
Secondary Colours

Tertiary colours are made by mixing one primary and
one secondary colour together to start creating new
shades and depths of colour - These are yellow-green. green-blue, blue-purple, purple-red, red-orange and

Crafters of every kind know the importance of colour –
colour sets the mood, and colour sends a message,
so we’re here to help you choose the palate which best
suits your needs.

There are three practical elements every crafter should
bear in mind: complementary, tone and harmonious
colours – all familiar terms, but what do they mean and
what do they bring to your creations?

Complementary Colours
Harmonious Colours