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Exclusive Project

Upcycled Bangle

Upcycled Bangle

You will need:

  • Old metal bangle
  • Cream ribbon (482060)
  • Tonic Craft Tacky Glue
  • 0.4 mm silver coloured copper wire (540984)
  • 8 mm beads in Teal and gold colours (495930)
  • Flush cutters (478419)
  • Flat Nose pliers (534051)
  • Sharp scissors

Time to Make: Approx 1hour

Skill Level: Beginner

“Upcycle an old bangle into something beautiful that you can wear. This is a perfect project for beginners, and those who like to use mixed media in their jewellery making.” Angela Finch


  1. Put glue on the inside of the bangle, so that it’s the same width as the ribbon. Add the end of the ribbon to the glue. Hold it tightly in place for at least 10 minutes or until the ribbon does not move and is securely in place.

felt picture
  1. Now add glue to the outside of the bangle. Only glue a small section each time. Wrap the ribbon securely around the bangle. When you have done one wrap angle the ribbon so it moves along slightly while doing the next wrap.

felt picture
  1. Continue to do this until you have wrapped the whole of the bangle. On the final wrap glue the inside of the bangle were the ribbon will finish and securely add the ribbon. Wait for the glue to dry completely before cutting off the excess ribbon with sharp scissors. You may want to keep the bangle as it is, or you can continue and add the beads.

felt picture
  1. Cut 45 inches (115cm) of 0.4mm wire with flush cutters. Just before where the ribbon finished, wrap the wire tightly around the bangle 3 times, this secures the wire to the bangle. The wire and beads will hide the section where the ribbon finished.

felt picture
  1. Add the beads to the wire in the order that you want them on the bangle. In this bangle the order was: 1 gold, 4 teal, 3 gold, 4 teal, and finally 1 gold. It will make the next steps easier.

felt picture
  1. Add the bead to the outside of the bangle. Hold it in place while wrapping the wire around the bangle 3 times to secure it.

felt picture
  1. Continue adding beads, like in step 6 until they run out. Then wrap the wire securely around the bangle 4 times.

felt picture
  1. Using the flush cutters cut the excess wire off. Make sure the end of the wire rests in the middle of the inside of the bangle.

felt picture
  1. Use the flat nose pliers to gently press the wire into the bangle. It may even hide under the ribbon. Do the same with the other end of the wire. Run you finger over the inside of the bangle, if there are any sharp bits, gently use the flat nose pliers to flatten them.

felt picture
  1. The bangle is now finished.

felt picture