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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

7 Clever Upcycled Tin Can Crafts

These crafty makes will ensure you never have to throw away your tin cans again

7 Clever Upcycled Tin Can Crafts

1 Woolly Pen Holders

Whether you embrace the 'rustic' aesthetic, paint or cover the outside, or cut several into different heights, there's no denying that tin cans make for fabulous desk organisers. For a truly unrecognisable transformation, why not use a glue gun to wrap your can in yarn? Pick a bright colour – like the Korbond DK Colour Shock Acrylic Yarn in Bright Coral – or blend two hues and create a stylish gradient effect. Simple but effective!

2 Lamp Shade

Tin can lanterns are fun, but it's time to take your crafting to the next level. Working with a coffee can, draw on your design and begin by drilling or punching holes at the start and end points of the lines. Cut out with a Dremel multitool and cutting disk, use a grinding stone to remove any rough edges and finish with a generous coating of spray paint. You can choose to do an entire lampshade or cut your can in half to make a mounted wall light cover – you could even create a hanging light!

3 Tiered Vase

Don't settle for a lonely tin can vase – make a gorgeous tiered centrepiece using three cans of different sizes. Paint each can with a coat of white paint and then cover them with coats of craft paint, such as the Creativ Plus Color Craft Paint. When the cans are dry, glue a wooden rod to the bottom of the inside of the largest can and connect it to the bottom of the middle can. Do the same with a shorter rod, connecting the last can for an impressive yet practical make.

4 Pin Cushion

Turn your spare tuna or pet food cans into pin cushions! Cut a long strip of coloured paper to size, wrap it around the outside of your tin can and secure it with hot glue. Lay a square of fabric about 2in larger than the opening of your can upside down, and put a handful of polyester filling in the centre. Add some inside the can too, then wrap up the fabric and hot glue it to the inside.

5 Cubbyhole Wall Storage

With the decluttering trend sweeping the nation, we're turning to upcycled storage solutions to organise our many, many craft goodies. Create adorable cubby holes by painting cans of all different sizes and arranging them on a wall.

6 Wine Rack

Tin cans are the perfect size for storing bottles, and you can add more to this wine rack as your collection grows. You'll need to remove the bottom of each can so that they’re open at both ends. Remember to file down any sharp edges, then spray the inside of each can in a bright colour. Once dry, spray the outsides of the cans with two coats of paint. Glue the cans together in a horizontal row and secure with clips or pins while they dry. Repeat and then glue each dried row together.

7 Bird Feeders

Spring is well and truly here, so move your craft room outdoors and create hanging bird feeders! Paint a tin can and use hot glue to attach a piece of dowel inside, for the birds to land on. While you can hang up your cans with twine, using brightly coloured ribbons, like the Hunkydory Spring Blooms Ribbon Selection, will transform this simple and practical make into the cheerful and stylish focal point of your garden.