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7 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Craft for HIM

Men can be tricky to craft symbols of love for – after all, big gestures might be seen as embarrassing, flowers as boring and the colour pink as awkward. In this case, toned down gestures and subtle gifts that have a personal meaning work best. We’ve rounded up several crafty signs of affection well suited to the gents. Have a peek and see if any would appeal to your special someone.

7 Papercrafted Home Décor Ideas

1. Heart Teabag

image credit: DIY Enthusiasts /

Simple, sweet and to the point, nothing says “Good morning, I love you” like a tea made from this delightful gift. Especially when it’s accompanied with a tasty breakfast enjoyed together at the kitchen table, or brought to him in bed. The teabags are so quick and easy to make, using thread and coffee filters or fillable tea bags, so you could even whip up a few in different flavours. Just make sure that your hubby actually notices the special effort before he throws the teabag away in his sleepy delirium!

2. Faux Tree Engraving

image credit: Thirty Hand Made Days /

There’s something undeniably romantic about engraving your initials in a tree together, however you can easily achieve the same effect with wood-patterned fabric and embroidery thread. To make your own, lightly sketch the design over the fabric and go over it carefully with white or light brown thread. The simpler the design, the better, as it’ll look more realistic. Then you can get creative with the photo frame – white will draw attention to the design, but a nature-inspired flower and foliage decorated frame could look really lovely.

3. Valentine Card

Featuring just a single heart aperture, backed by a shimmery watercolour pattern, this card is the perfect blend of creative expression and minimalism. Have a go at making Sarah Hurley’s watercolour card here, using inks like Craft Buddy Watercolour Spray Inks. If the pinks and reds are still too feminine for your macho man, though, you could even switch the colours to cool blues and greens, for a gorgeous turquoise gradient.

4. Memory Art

Check out the gorgeous Valentine’s gift that Sarah Cawood created for her husband here! Using Google Maps, she printed off locations that had a significant meaning to the couple, and arranged them on a corkboard base with heart motifs and pins. It’s a great project to take inspiration from, and the end result is guaranteed to be unique to you! Plus, if you die cut smaller heart cutouts using Gemini’s Nesting Hearts Multi-Media Die, you could add even more special locations, such as holiday destinations, where a child was born or old houses and flats that you shared together.

5. Punny Messages

image credit: Rad Megan /

Men are notorious for their charming but cheesy jokes, especially once you’ve had a child together (dad jokes, anyone?), so why not give them a taste of their own medicine? It’s a great opportunity to practice and show off your brush lettering skills. You could include this rock and stick in a pretty terrarium, or just leave it on a side table to be used as unusual rustic decorations. Feel free to get creative with other puns, too – some choice ones include “Wood you be my Valentine?” and “I can’t be-leaf you’re mine”.

6. Memory Candles

image credit: Inspired Ideas Mag /

When a photo frame just isn’t cutting it, why not go the extra mile and display your treasured moments on a charming candle holder? This can be done using black and white images and transparent contact paper – the black ink will attach to the paper, and you can then wrap the paper with your image on around the candle holder of your choice. For a finishing touch, make a candle in his favourite colour and scent, using a kit like Eazi Candle’s Candle-making Starter Kit in Salted Caramel.

7. Tasty Cake

Whoever said the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach certainly wasn’t wrong, and with a cake as appetising as this, you could win just about anyone’s heart. It features a raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream base, topped with chocolate ganache drips and decorated with iced biscuits – head to Mich Turner’s tutorial here to discover how to make it yourself. You could even get creative with your own decorations, such as beautiful icing roses made using FMM Small Rose Fondant Cutters.