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Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

Welcome to the Create and Craft Club

5 Impressive Watercolour Projects for Beginners

There’s no denying it: watercolour art can be intimidating for beginners. But there’s no better way to learn than diving straight in with your brushes and paints. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes – your first attempt might be a multicoloured mess, but you’ll soon find that once you understand how the watercolours work, creating a stunning piece of art is not so difficult. The only limit is your imagination!

5 Impressive Watercolour Projects for Beginners

1 Romantic rose

What better way to finish off a love note or a fabulous piece of home décor than with a stunning watercolour rose? Kathryn Coyle’s gorgeous design looks so good you’ll be surprised that even a beginner could make it! Recreate the delicate petal shapes with our simple step-by-step tutorial, then play around with shades and depth by building up darker tones and leaving lighter patches. If you accidentally add too much colour, you can always remove wet paint with a dry brush or tissue.

2 Pine forest

Sometimes simple is best when painting with watercolours. This straightforward pine forest landscape is a perfect example. Use a very light green wash to create pine tree shapes by sweeping your brush down and out, flaring out wider as you head towards the bottom of the tree. This will create the illusion of distant, barely visible trees that look like they’re covered in mist. Then, do the same with a slightly darker wash to create a middle row. Finally, finish with a dark green wash for your front row of trees – try Rare Earth Watercolour Concentrate Ink in Green Monstera Leaf (491779).

3 Stencilled animal

Guarantee clean lines and a professional finish by using a stencil with your watercolours. Place a stencil, like one from our Animal Stencil Kit, over watercolour paper, making sure it doesn’t move until you’re completely finished. Then, you can get as creative as you want building up and adding different colours to the mix. Once it’s dried, simply remove the stencil, and voila! A super-easy work of art.

4 Seaside scene

Cassie Brown’s soothing seaside scene is not only a joy to look at when it’s completed, but painting it is also a wonderful way to relax. Starting with the simple background, you can follow the steps to build this painting up as much – or as little – as you’d like. Once you’ve completed all of the basic elements, get creative with small details like birds or washes of darker colours.

5 Feathers

The enchanting shapes of feathers are wonderful to paint, and there are so many different methods for creating a fabulous final result. Follow the steps here to lightly sketch a feather shape with a pencil, and then apply a layer of clear water. While it’s still wet, drop colour onto the surface at random points so the paint flows together in a unique design. Once dry, finish the feather off by drawing on the details with a fineliner, painting them with a small brush in a darker wash or even using white gouache.