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7 Brilliant Ways to Use Patterned Paper

These fun paper crafts are quick, easy and a great way to use up your scraps

7 Brilliant Ways to Use Patterned Paper

1 Pinwheels

Paper pinwheels are delightful little creations, guaranteed to add a little whimsy to any baby shower, wedding or summer picnic. To make them, mark the centre of a square piece of paper with a pencil and draw diagonal lines from each corner of the paper, halfway to the centre mark. Cut down each line with scissors, then fold alternating points into the centre and secure with a push pin. Push the remainder of the pin through a paper straw or pencil at the back of the wheel, using a little masking tape to cover up the sharp point. Simple!

2 Decoupage glass plates

Whether you're throwing a themed event or simply searching for the perfect plates to match your kitchen, making your own is a cheap and effective solution. Simply clean the bottom of a glass plate with glass cleaner, trace around it onto decorative paper and cut out. Snip four even slits into the circle – not all the way to the centre – and then cut four more centred between the first set of slits. Cover the bottom of the plate with Mod Podge and gently press the cutout paper onto the glass, pattern side down. Allowing the paper to overlap slightly at each slit will accommodate the slight curve of the plate. Apply more Mod Podge over the paper and use your fingers to gently smooth out any wrinkles for gorgeous results.

3 Paper beads

Recycle your scraps by creating fun and simple paper beads. Cut the paper into long, tapered strips that start at about half an inch wide. With the side of the paper you want to use facing down, slowly start rolling the paper around a toothpick to build up your desired shape. Secure the end with glue and gently make sure that your bead can still slide on the toothpick. Simply add a few coats a clear nail varnish to seal, remembering not to adhere the bead to the toothpick. Once you've experimented with different colour combinations, all you need is a jewellery kit, like the Silvar Design Earring Findings Jewellery Kit.

4 Accordion Folded Rosettes

Paper rosettes are both stylish and incredibly versatile. Why not dress up your party or event by stringing them up or layering them for a stunning backdrop? To make one, accordion fold three sheets of square paper. Glue each folded piece together in a long strip then connect the edges to form a ring. When the glue has dried, stand your ring up and gently press the top edge outwards, flattening into a rosette. Secure with a touch of glue in the centre and decorate.

5 Fringe Flowers

For this craft, you'll need at least three different, coordinating papers, so consider opting for a themed pack, like the Create and Craft A4 Spot UV Paper Pack of 20. Start by cutting or punching out three circles of various sizes, making sure that each circle has a different paper design. Cut long, skinny fringes around each shape and run your finger over the edges to separate and crinkle them. Layer each circle from the largest to the smallest and adhere in place. To create a stem, poke and thread a length of craft wire through the centre of the flower and gently twist each end together. Finish with a dazzling rhinestone in the centre.

6 Embellished clothes pegs

When it comes to crafting in general, decorative clothes pegs are hugely popular – why not use them as card holders or attach a magnet for holding important papers on your fridge? All you need to do to incorporate your patterned papers is take apart a wooden peg and paint it the colour of your choice. Then, once the peg is dry, put it back together and cut out two strips of paper to glue on each side. Apply a coat of Mod Podge over the entire peg to seal your design, then embellish with rhinestones, buttons or ribbons, such as the pretty Hobby House Elegant Ribbon Collection.

7 Quick and easy baskets

The only thing you need for this easy and practical make is a 12 x 12 inch piece of paper, such as those in the Kanban Sweet Skulls 12 x 12 Paper Stash. With the side you want to use facing down, measure four inches in on each side and mark with a pencil. Fold along these lines, bringing your paper in so that you have nine identical squares. Using your pencil, draw a diagonal line across each of the four corner segments, towards the centre. Push each line from underneath and fold outwards, then bring all four corners in towards the centre. Punch through the layers and tie together with a decorative ribbon.