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How to Make a Wedding Card Album

How to Make a Wedding Card Album

Can’t stand the thought of throwing away your treasured engagement and wedding cards from loved ones? If you want to keep all of your memories to hand, this wedding card album allows you to get creative whilst getting organised. Make a fantastic organiser that contains all of your cards attached together, so you can flick them through whenever you’re feeling reminiscent!

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METHOD: Memory Evoking Wedding Card Album

  1. Gather up all your cherished wedding cards and shuffle them. Find the largest card of the bunch and place it at the front of the pile; you'll use the largest card as the size of the album.
  2. Place the greetings card on top of an empty cereal box or piece of scrap card and draw around it. Mark a quarter of an inch around the entire card and then cut out two pieces for the front and back covers.
  3. Be as creative as you like with the front of your album; dig out your favourite wedding or honeymoon photo, or pick some pretty embellishments. You want to cover the blank cardboard, so choose pieces of complementing patterned paper or card and cut to the size of your album using scissors or a paper trimmer. Use glue dots to stick the paper to the back cover and the front inside cover.
  4. For the front cover, cut two complementing patterned sheets in half and brush the edges with an ink pad for a vintage look. Stick one on the bottom and the other on the top.
  5. Next it's time to make the bow that will wrap around the album to hold it together. Choose your ribbon; you will need about 30 inches. On the back cover, mark four inches from the top. From each side, mark one inch in.
  6. Lay your ribbon over the markings and create a hole through the ribbon using scissors to place the brads. Ensure you go through the ribbon and the cardboard.
  7. Place your brads through the hole and secure them on the other side. Cut out another sheet of paper to the size of the back sheet, and cover the back inside cover to hide the back of the brads and the cardboard. Secure with glue dots.
  8. The back cover is now complete, so it's time to decorate the front cover of the album. Create a little tag to say 'Our Cards' or 'On Our Special Day' using stamps or dies, or choose a premade wedding-themed tag.
  9. Add some chipboard letters to spell your initials or add a lovely sentiment at the top of the front cover. Position your embellishments and stick them on using a hot glue gun.
  10. Mark with pencil where you'd like your book ring to go through at the top corner. Place the top and back albums together and punch a hole through both using the Crop-A-Dile Punch Tool or similar.
  11. Gather your cards in groups of four or five and punch a hole through the top corner of each one, in the same place as your front cover. Once all your cards have been punched, take insert book ring through the front cover, cards, and back cover. Close the ring, and there you have it – the album will be secure and all your cards will be together.
  12. Close your album by tying the ribbon around and creating a pretty bow at the front. Neaten up the bow by trimming the edges, if you so desire.
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